06 July 2010

It's GAlinda...with a GA

You might remember that in May, I reported that I'd read a total of two books in the entire year. Or you might not remember. Or you might hate reading and really not care (which makes me really sad for you). Any way about it, I'm now up to six books. That's right folks, now I only have 12 more to go to meet my total from last year. Woo hoo!

My selected reads often come from Oprah's Book Club. Honestly, I can't remember being disappointed by a selection from Oprah. If you're familiar with O's Book Club books, you know that they usually involve a death in the first chapter--sometimes more than one. But they're JUST SO GOOD. All that to say, I usually don't read funny or happy books. I like the emotion involved in reading. Then I had a friend recommend Kristin Chenowith's book (co-written by Joni Rodgers), A Little Bit Wicked, because it reminded her of me. Now I know why: this book is funny! Which sounds a little conceited, but sometimes I even make myself laugh. And we all know that's the sign of being funny. Or maybe that's the sign of being annoying?

Like always, I removed the book jacket before lugging it around in my car or purse, upstairs and back down, so that it doesn't get torn. When I removed it, I found pink. The entire book cover is pink! I'm not so much a pink person per se, but I've never had a completely pink book. And I like it.

If you're not familiar with Kristin Chenowith, perhaps her most notable claim to fame is her role as "Glinda" (or Galinda) in Wicked. She was also "Olive Snook" in Pushing Daisies, which was a fabulous TV show that wasn't renewed after it's second season. (Thanks stupid writers' strike.) I'd recommend the following to become familiar with Kristin Chenowith: buy the Wicked soundtrack and rent Pushing Daisies. She's just a fun girl!

Back to the book...I've laughed out loud so hard, and I'm only 50 pages in. I just read this passage, and it's so familiar to me. Husby and his family tend to mispronounce things. By a lot. So this made me laugh so hard, especially the last line. Here goes, a conversation between Kristin and her mother: 
 "We should have dinner at Mudfuckers," says Mom. "They have every kind of burger you could possibly want."

"I think you mean Fuddruckers, Mom."

"Yes, that's what I said."

"You said Mudfuckers."

"What? I would never say Mudfuckers. Jerry, I didn't say Mudfuckers, did I?"

Now, let me say here, my mom is an intelligent woman, so perhaps this is some kind of verbal dyslexia or just a matter of not sweating the small stuff, but in her personal lexicon, I play "Olive Shnook" on Pushing Up Daisies...Suzuki piano method is remembered as "Yamaha lessons." "Achy Breaky" becomes "Yucky Ducky," and Puerto Vallarta turns into "Porta Kolache."
Okay, I'm off to read a little more before bed. Hope you've had a great week so far!

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I'm still laughing!!!!