24 October 2010


On Thursday, I went under the knife. I had my wisdom teeth removed. I know, I'm like 13 years late in having this procedure done. So this weekend has been days on end of recovery (read: hydrocodone-induced naps). I don't feel like I should complain; I mean, it's not childbirth. But I think mouth pain could be some of the worst pain ever. My sweet Husby has taken excellent care of me. Although last night he said he misses me. Evidently, I'm not uber-fun when on drugs. My mom came over yesterday and stocked our fridge full of soups (broccoli cheese, white chili, and butternut squash) and parfaits and such. And my mother-in-law made a delivery of corn chowder, banana pudding and Christmas magazines. Do I have a great team or what?!

In the time I've had to recoup, I've enjoyed redecorating rooms (inside my head). If you've been reading long, you know that I've struggled to come up with my style. You know--country, modern, traditional. And I still don't know 100%, but I do know that I'd like not to get tired of anything too quickly. I found this picture in Country Living magazine a few months ago, and I loved it immediately:

I don't love everything about it, but I do love the headboard, the white bedding with pops of color and the stencil on the wall. I decided that it would be a great starter for a bedroom (since we have white bedding, which I love). I've contemplated having a headboard custom made into a similar shape, since this carved headboard would be way out of our price range. And THEN, guess what I found from Ballard Designs? You won't even believe it!

It's almost the exact headboard (minus a few decorative birds). And it's more in our price range than a custom-made headboard. Then I've daydreamed about fabrics. My main problem with fabrics (bedding, included) is their permanency; I like to change things out. Pretty often. BUT if it's inexpensive, then I wouldn't feel as bad about doing a little change-out. I do like these from fabric.com:

So other than decorating rooms in my head, I haven't done just a whole lot. Husby did convince me to play xbox with him; then wanted to know if I preferred XMen or Justice League. Is there even a difference? I'd like to share that my skills still haven't developed past Super Nintendo.

18 October 2010

A (sort of) Quick Update

Mercy. Time is flying! I've been so, so busy at work that I don't have much free time, even at home. Things like cleaning house, cooking and doing laundry somehow trump blogging. Dang it. In the next two weeks, my 45 seniors will submit over 100 college applications. That's a lot. And it's not all.

Also on the docket: having my wisdom teeth removed this Thursday. Ugh. I've had horrible headaches the past few months, and we seem to think that this could be a cause, so we're starting with the obvious. I'd love prayers for a smooth procedure and quick healing. (See above: 45 seniors submitting 100 college applications by November 1. I have to be back at work next Monday.) My oral surgeon seems hopeful that things will go well. I'm hopeful that he knows what he's talking about. And do you know that the I.V. scares me more than the procedure? Ha! Oh, and I learned today that if you're a newlywed, and you keep a doctor's appointment a secret, co-workers think there's a baby involved.

Over the weekend, Husby and I celebrated a year of marriage. On day 364, I learned that he doesn't like Cheez-it's. On day 365, I learned that he's allergic to tissues, which is why he uses handkerchiefs. I'm most sad that he doesn't appreciate a Cheez-it. Poor thing.We went to the Big City [Dallas] to celebrate. Thanks to Hotwire, we had a pretty nice hotel room for the price of a Motel 6 (or Hotel 6 as Husby calls it). I'm for sure doing that again! I love a good deal. I'll share more about our trip later.

I was so, so happy last night when I read my September issue of Real Simple Magazine. Yes, I'm behind. (See above: 45 seniors/100 applications. They're my life.) I must say that just seeing the magazine peek out of the top of the mailbox makes me grin. But this had a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon in it! I swear I used to get 1-2 per week, but I've waited for about 7 weeks and didn't get a single one. I needed it to use with gift cards we received for our wedding to buy this:

It's the InStyler--a rotating hot iron. I can't use a regular straight iron because it singes my hair; I'm hopeful that this will do the trick. My hairstylist used one on me a couple of hair cuts ago, and I loved it. I can't wait to use it tomorrow.

Oh! Guess who I saw today at school... the prince of Saudi Arabia. Isn't that cool?! He was in town for some medical procedure (so goes the rumor). I thought that was pretty dang cool! That probably won't happen again. :)

And one last thing...today we celebrated a birthday at our house. We have a six year old. I just can't believe how time flies!

Crickett, at six years old, you are:

Able to tear the squeaker out of a new toy in less than 30 minutes.

Eating way too much. We actually switched your treats today so lower your daily calorie intake.
 I'm sure you'll be so happy about that over the next few days.

Waking me up at about 4am to get into our bed. (I have to lift you up since you're so short.)

Picking up your empty water cup and throwing it across the floor when you want more.
That sign language just isn't working.

Completely against any physical affection between me and your dad unless you're in the middle.

Okay, I just couldn't resist. Y'all have a great week. I'll be back more consistently at some point.

15 October 2010

One Year...

This time last year, I was one day away from being a wife. It was a fabulous, cooler October day--much like today. I couldn't wait to marry my fiance. One year later, I'm still just as proud to be his wife. Our year of marriage has been fabulous. I love being with my best friend EVERY DAY. And isn't he just so handsome?!

05 October 2010


I cannot BELIEVE that we're almost a full week into October. Time is flying! I don't think I've ever been so incredibly busy. Most of my days are 10 hour days at work, sometimes longer, and there's ALWAYS more to do at home. But I love it. I LOVE college application season. It's crazy and hectic, but it's my job to remain calm and supportive and keep my game face on so that my seniors won't flip out. I love having six kids in my office at a time. I [secretly] love answering 18 questions per minute. I love when they eat all of the candy corn out of my candy dish--mostly so I don't eat it.

Since I started getting up before 5am about three days a week for a workout, I've lost my ability to sleep late. It's a sad thing, really. On Saturday mornings, I'm ready to go by 7, if not before. And then this morning...this I think I became an adult. I've always felt like there would be SOMETHING that makes me feel grown-up. I haven't found it until today; it's not paying bills or guiding 46 seniors through 250 college applications by various deadlines. I've been told repeatedly that having kids doesn't really do the trick, either. Do you know what it is? Waking up on a non-workout day at 5:24am and thinking, "I could get the kitchen cleaned and several loads of clothes washed." AND THEN ACTING ON IT. That's right girls, I found the rite of passage. And I passed through. Scary.

If you haven't seen this video, your heart will be blessed to hear her story. Gianna Jessen is a survivor of a late-term, saline abortion. I searched, but couldn't find a video with both parts that actually works; so you have it in two parts. Gianna is speaking in Victoria, Australia on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria. I love when she says, "What sort of man do you want to be? A man obsessed with your own glory or a man obsessed with the glory of God?" Wow. Amazing. Powerful. Convicting. Just watch.