05 October 2010


I cannot BELIEVE that we're almost a full week into October. Time is flying! I don't think I've ever been so incredibly busy. Most of my days are 10 hour days at work, sometimes longer, and there's ALWAYS more to do at home. But I love it. I LOVE college application season. It's crazy and hectic, but it's my job to remain calm and supportive and keep my game face on so that my seniors won't flip out. I love having six kids in my office at a time. I [secretly] love answering 18 questions per minute. I love when they eat all of the candy corn out of my candy dish--mostly so I don't eat it.

Since I started getting up before 5am about three days a week for a workout, I've lost my ability to sleep late. It's a sad thing, really. On Saturday mornings, I'm ready to go by 7, if not before. And then this morning...this I think I became an adult. I've always felt like there would be SOMETHING that makes me feel grown-up. I haven't found it until today; it's not paying bills or guiding 46 seniors through 250 college applications by various deadlines. I've been told repeatedly that having kids doesn't really do the trick, either. Do you know what it is? Waking up on a non-workout day at 5:24am and thinking, "I could get the kitchen cleaned and several loads of clothes washed." AND THEN ACTING ON IT. That's right girls, I found the rite of passage. And I passed through. Scary.

If you haven't seen this video, your heart will be blessed to hear her story. Gianna Jessen is a survivor of a late-term, saline abortion. I searched, but couldn't find a video with both parts that actually works; so you have it in two parts. Gianna is speaking in Victoria, Australia on the eve of the debate to decriminalize abortion in Victoria. I love when she says, "What sort of man do you want to be? A man obsessed with your own glory or a man obsessed with the glory of God?" Wow. Amazing. Powerful. Convicting. Just watch.

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