30 April 2009

My Prince has Come

After years of wondering who I'll marry, and sometimes wondering if I'll marry, now I know. And it's exciting. I'm engaged to marry my best friend. It was so worth the wait. (Ironically, my new last name will be 'Wait.' Did God have that planned or what?!)

Last year for my birthday, Jeremy gave me a hot air balloon ride. Many attempts to balloon came and went as we seemed to schedule our ride only on days where they weather wouldn't cooperate. Finally, he was able to schedule a ride for my birthday. His plan was to propose on the balloon. But it was cancelled. I was able to choose my birthday activity. I decided on dinner with friends, followed by a game with just the two of us. Quick side note: Jeremy & I both are fiercely competitive. I knew that it would have to be a game that requires no strategy, just pure luck; I chose LIFE. It's always been a favorite. I don't know how many games of LIFE I've played or how many 'husbands' I've named, but it was always our stand-by.

Dinner on my birthday lasted longer than expected. It certainly is a great problem to enjoy friends too much to say goodbye. Instead, he took me home and gave me my present: tickets to see Wicked, the most fabulous musical I've ever seen. (I just feel that making that proclamation is important. I waiver between Wicked and Les Mis. But for now, the clear front-runner is Wicked.) Little did I know that our missed balloon ride and game would offer Jeremy the perfect opportunity to propose.

The next night, Jeremy reminded me that we didn't get to play LIFE. I suggested it be our Friday night activity. After all, isn't that what all young couples do? Friday night came to pass. After dinner with friends, Jeremy came over to my house with the game. As we began playing, we chose our cars and took the college route. I arrived at the 'Get Married' square first--this is a required stop. I picked a little blue guy out of the box lid and placed him in the car next to me. I made a comment like, "Hmm...I wonder who I'll marry?" He smiled and spun the wheel. It was his turn to get married. As I turned to get a little lady out of the box, I said, "Do you want a wife?" When I turned back to him, Jeremy had the ring box out and waiting. After letting me giggle for what seemed like 45 minutes, he asked if I would marry him, on one knee, of course. I was beyond ecstatic.

We didn't finish the game that night. We talked and prayed and called people and talked and texted people and laughed and talked for about three hours. It was a great night. And so creative. I love this man who will be my husband. I can't Wait for our forever to begin.