27 June 2009

The Ped Egg

I have a strange love for info-mercials and their products. Info-mercials can keep my attention for an hour at a time, maybe more. I've watched several repeatedly: Food Saver Vac 500; Magic Bullet; the cool skillet that can cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I am their target audience. Only I've never bought anything. When "As Seen on TV" products began hitting store shelves, it made me so happy. Again, I can look at them for a while, but still never buy anything. That changed last night. I haven't had cable for almost two years, so I don't know what's new in the info-mercial world until those products come to Target or Walgreens. (I've never seen the Snuggie info-mercial, but thanks to the radio, I know about it.)

Jeremy and I made a trip to Target to add a little to our registry. While there, I needed a couple of beauty products and happened upon the footcare aisle. I just knew there had to be a product that makes smooth feet less of a hassle. It's so tiring scrubbing my feet every morning in the shower with a pumice; it just makes me hot and light-headed. The Ped Egg piqued my curiosity enough for me to buy it.

Oooh, boy. You need one if you don't have it! Seriously, it's great. I used it for about five minutes on one foot and was AMAZED at what it did. I am a fan. I think my $10 purchase was well worth it. Now I wonder what I've missed out on by not purchasing from info-mercials!

24 June 2009

Addiction x 2

It could be worse, but two things seem to be very, very important in my life.

1. Zumba. On the days I go, it's all I can think about. On the days I don't go, it's all I can think about. I practice different dance steps in the shower, when I'm drying my hair, walking down the hall at work, and at my desk. Today, someone caught me dancing at my desk. I just smiled.

2. Crystal Light. Specifically peach tea and grape. I've even stopped drinking coffee and Diet Coke so that I can drink this first thing in the morning. It's. so. good. It's. so good.

21 June 2009

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

The day that I chose my wedding dress, I asked Jeremy if I could see my wedding ring. *Side note: I hand-picked my engagement and wedding rings.* I forgot what it looked like. Really. I did. He brought it out, and I decided I loved it just as much as when I first saw it. It's a stackable band, so I can add as many bands as I like. Then he said two things that made me giddy.

1. When I explained that the bands are stackable, he said, "I was just about to say that it needs another band to balance it." I smiled and told him to feel free to buy a second band.

2. He said that I must feel awfully off-balance to have a heavier left hand. I told him that I agreed; it's awful.

I love that he needs balance and symmetry, especially when it comes to diamonds that I wear!

20 June 2009

Something New

My wedding dress is ordered. I feel more like a real bride. It's not the wedding dress I thought I'd have, but it's the perfect dress for me. Like many brides, it happened to be the first dress I tried on. It was between three dresses. I eliminated one because I didn't like it in pictures, and since I'll wear it at a day documented by pictures, I felt this reason was quite fair. The next dress was eliminated because it was only available in two sizes too big. Which left me with one dress. And it was my favorite from the very beginning. Yea!

I also ordered a big, pouffy veil that I love. In fact, I loved wearing two veils at the same time so that it'd be super-pouffy. At one point, the owner of the shop pointed to a picture from the '90's and jokingly said that they could add a piece to make it stand up even more. I asked her not to tempt me. If there's one thing I love, it's pouffy, Texas hair, and now, pouffy veils. At every visit to my hairdresser, I stress the importance of my hair being very voluminous. She says it is already; I say I want more. She says okay, and I leave happy.

Now I need jewelry and shoes, and I'll be set to walk down the aisle. I'm thinking some pearls, which I love, love, love. And I want some unexpected shoes. Maybe red. Or green. Or some with a bow. Ooh, this should be fun!

19 June 2009

The Only Bug I Love

Meet Crickett. Crickett Marie, to be exact. Yes, it's spelled with two "t's". Yes, I know that cricket only has one "t", but I'm her mom, and I was able to choose. Crickett and I have been together since Christmas 2004. I mentioned to my parents that if I ever got a dog, I would want a miniature dachshund. Well, she was my "big" Christmas present that year, weighing in at about two pounds. She was, and is, so cute! I tell her all the time that she's the only bug I love.

I'd never been a dog person, but that had to change. Quickly. The first week I had her, she was able to chew threw a Pack 'n' Play (we thought it'd be better if she had more room than a kennel). I moved her to my kitchen and put a baby gate up to keep her contained. At two pounds, she knocked it down. I should have known at that point her persistence. By the end of the week, she had her very own kennel.

Some things that I happen to love and loathe about Crickett:
  • I wake her most every morning. She sleeps until I get up, no matter how late.
  • She the moodiest dog I've ever met! She's quick to let me know if she's mad. She ignores like none other.
  • Crickett has epilepsy and takes seizure medication twice a day.
  • She sleeps with me and has to touch me all night. Sometimes I can escape.
  • I say "kennel," and she goes straight to her kennel. Well, most of the time. Not so much when Jeremy is around.
  • She loves fruits and veggies! She thinks that bananas are meant to be shared.
  • She hates when her tummy touches the grass when going to the bathroom, especially if the grass is wet!
  • She "sings" with me when I sing How Much is that Doggie in the Window, but only to that one song.
  • Crickett was almost given to Animal Control when she chased him down, barking the whole time.
  • She's so smart! I swear, even if she did chase down Animal Control. If I say a name, she gets so excited. Especially if these names are: Jeremy, Gran, Grandpa, Chad or Sarah (my roommate). And she knows certain turns when going to Jeremy's or my parents. She starts jumping around in my lap, where she rides anytime we're in the car.
  • She loves chocolate. I think it must be a myth that chocolate is toxic to dogs. She's eaten her fair share of Hershey's kisses--carefully unwrapped with the flag removed. I'm not kidding. She also loves brownies. Really big brownies.

I just love having a dog. Well, most days. Crickett is the ONLY bug I love.

14 June 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

This morning: coffee, computer, and two books, Napa & Sonoma day by day and The Poisonwood Bible.

Jeremy and I decided to honeymoon in Napa and San Francisco. From the first book, I'll make a list of things to do, then he'll make a list of things to do. Then we'll compare the two lists and decide what to do on our honeymoon. What a process! So far, we've agreed on a night tour of Alcatraz and a leisurely kayaking trip down a river in Napa, provided the water isn't 45 degrees in October.

I started the second book last month, but got sucked into three memoirs that begged to be read. Of the Poisonwood girls, I think I like Adah the best. She doesn't talk; she has Cerebral Palsy. But as she narrates her part of the book, she seems to have the best and most accurate insight on her family. I'm committed to finishing this book next. Then I'll be onto find more memoirs, as they seem to be my new favorites! And I'm open to suggestions.

12 June 2009

Southbound 35

Last weekend, Jeremy and I went to San Antonio. For my birthday, he bought me tickets to see Wicked. Do you know how much I love him (for that)?! It was a super quick trip; we drove down Saturday morning and came home Sunday night. Whew!

Instead of staying at a hotel, he found a wonderful bed and breakfast, Gardenia Inn. We initally drove past, commenting on "such a great house!" Imagine our delight when we discovered it was "our" house for the night! Both of our rooms were great; mine had an amazing bed, and his had a pass-through window that led to the 2nd floor balcony.

After we unloaded our bags, we headed to the Riverwalk--about a 15 minute walk. It was a nice walk, but it was H.O.T. We decided that walking around until dinner might be over zealous, and that a movie was in order. Let me just say, UP is a terrific, wonderful, fabulous movie! I loved it. I loved it so much that I evidently made sounds through the whole movie, which Jeremy was kind enough to point out after the movie. Bless him.

Our innkeeper suggested Boudro's for dinner. As with all restaurants on the Riverwalk, you have to really want to eat--it was an hour wait. Well, I was hungry, so I asked if they had a *baptists skip to the next sentence* bar, knowing they'd serve some kind of food. It turns out they did, but it was a two minute walk above the Riverwalk. We followed our waitress through a maze of hallways, elevators and streets, and arrived. Since the specific recommendation was for the guacamole, decision-making was easy. After a drink and 1 1/2 bowls of guacamole--they ran out of avocados, so they made a little to appease us until their stock was replinished--we were full! We cancelled the reservation to Boudro's. It was a great dinner, followed by a dessert of assorted treats from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Mmm...

On Sunday, we decided to visit a few of the San Antonio missions before Wicked. The Alamo is part of the Mission Trail in San Antonio, but I must say, it's not the most impressive of missions. (Do I still get to be a Texan for admitting that?)

The first mission we visited was Mission Concepcion. It's still an active church, and a service was being held that morning. It was so neat to hear voices lifted up in praise at such an historic place! I love, love, love the architecture of the missions. It's Spanish Baroque with Moorish influence. Here are a few pictures of Mission Concepion:

Our next stop was Mission San Jose, which is the largest of the missions, and also an active church. Again, it was beautiful; the congregation ended the service singing Holy, Holy, Holy. We were a little early for the Mariachi Mass, but a crowd had already gathered.

And this...aren't we thankful that cooking has progressed so that sharing an oven over an open fire isn't part of meal-planning? I'll bet the community between the women must have been strong. A few of these scattered around the inside of the mission wall for all families to share would require some hefty support. I think I should print this for my fridge. Maybe the next time I'm so "overwhelmed" by the thought of preparing a meal, I'll have a little different attitude.

Then we have consumerism at its finest. Seriously, how thirsty can one get that a cola machine is necessary in a centuries-old mission?! How difficult would it be for someone to walk three minutes to the Visitor's Center for a drink?!

After these two missions, we hit up Rosario's for lunch, another suggestion from our innkeeper. It isn't on the Riverwalk, and didn't feel touristy. It was super good food, prepared like food from interior Mexico. Once we finished, we headed to the theatre to see Wicked. It was perfect, wonderful and amazing. And I loved that Jeremy loved it!

Our drive back was nice. We had lot's of time to talk, read and/or sleep; Jeremy read when not driving, and I slept. We decided that milkshakes from Health Camp in Waco would be great for dinner, and they did not disappoint.

Overall, we had an excellent weekend. Our first trip away was fun, although rushed. We're excited for many more!

11 June 2009

Happy 1/2-Birthday!

Today is Jeremy's 1/2-birthday! I love to celebrate, and since his birthday is so close to Christmas, I feel that he should get an extra day! In honor, dinner and a 1/2-birthday cake; then a trip to Barnes & Noble, his choice.

10 June 2009


My gym started a new group class last week. Zumba. I was brave enough to attend this week. It's a dance workout with Latin and other international music. I'm not exactly a dancer. Except for the Cotton-Eyed Joe. Don't you remember? Don't you know?Today was my second attempt at Zumba. And it's fun!

Okay, so 20 minutes into it, I think I might not make it. Then I almost bust it because I'm sweating so much that the floor beneath me is slick. Then there's the itty-bitty girl who came into class late who's obviously taken Latin and hip-hop dance class since she could walk. I bargain with myself to finish the class with the promise that I don't have to come back.

But then, our super cool instructor turns to us and says we can burn 500-800 calories in a 60 minute class. The more jumps and more exagerated the arm movements, the more calories are burned. At which point, I forget about the 15 other people in the room and dance like a Latin, hip-hop dancing fool. Well, everyone except itty-bitty cheerleader-girl in front of me.

So. Is Zumba fun? Yes. Will I be able to sit tomorrow? Probably not. Will I be in class on Saturday? Absolutely!