27 June 2009

The Ped Egg

I have a strange love for info-mercials and their products. Info-mercials can keep my attention for an hour at a time, maybe more. I've watched several repeatedly: Food Saver Vac 500; Magic Bullet; the cool skillet that can cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I am their target audience. Only I've never bought anything. When "As Seen on TV" products began hitting store shelves, it made me so happy. Again, I can look at them for a while, but still never buy anything. That changed last night. I haven't had cable for almost two years, so I don't know what's new in the info-mercial world until those products come to Target or Walgreens. (I've never seen the Snuggie info-mercial, but thanks to the radio, I know about it.)

Jeremy and I made a trip to Target to add a little to our registry. While there, I needed a couple of beauty products and happened upon the footcare aisle. I just knew there had to be a product that makes smooth feet less of a hassle. It's so tiring scrubbing my feet every morning in the shower with a pumice; it just makes me hot and light-headed. The Ped Egg piqued my curiosity enough for me to buy it.

Oooh, boy. You need one if you don't have it! Seriously, it's great. I used it for about five minutes on one foot and was AMAZED at what it did. I am a fan. I think my $10 purchase was well worth it. Now I wonder what I've missed out on by not purchasing from info-mercials!

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Sam said...

I can tell you from personal experience that if you don't have the Magic Bullet, you are missing out. I also have a tiny fishing pole that I haven't used yet.