24 June 2009

Addiction x 2

It could be worse, but two things seem to be very, very important in my life.

1. Zumba. On the days I go, it's all I can think about. On the days I don't go, it's all I can think about. I practice different dance steps in the shower, when I'm drying my hair, walking down the hall at work, and at my desk. Today, someone caught me dancing at my desk. I just smiled.

2. Crystal Light. Specifically peach tea and grape. I've even stopped drinking coffee and Diet Coke so that I can drink this first thing in the morning. It's. so. good. It's. so good.

1 comment :

allison said...

OK, it's time for me to come clean:

I've been reading your blog for the past 2-3 weeks (found it after you posted the link on fbook), but haven't left you a comment til now because....

...my blog has the exact same background as yours. :) And when I realized this, I felt like I should change my background before I clued you in to my existence on blogger IN CASE you thought that I copied you. (Which, I assure you, I did not, seeing as how I picked my background weeks before I even knew you had a blog.)

I have to tell you, though...I haven't changed it, because a) I'm too lazy to look for a new one, and b) I really like it! :) So, let's just smile at how great minds (and great tastes!) think alike, and I can now come out of the closet in my reading of your blog. K? :)