20 June 2009

Something New

My wedding dress is ordered. I feel more like a real bride. It's not the wedding dress I thought I'd have, but it's the perfect dress for me. Like many brides, it happened to be the first dress I tried on. It was between three dresses. I eliminated one because I didn't like it in pictures, and since I'll wear it at a day documented by pictures, I felt this reason was quite fair. The next dress was eliminated because it was only available in two sizes too big. Which left me with one dress. And it was my favorite from the very beginning. Yea!

I also ordered a big, pouffy veil that I love. In fact, I loved wearing two veils at the same time so that it'd be super-pouffy. At one point, the owner of the shop pointed to a picture from the '90's and jokingly said that they could add a piece to make it stand up even more. I asked her not to tempt me. If there's one thing I love, it's pouffy, Texas hair, and now, pouffy veils. At every visit to my hairdresser, I stress the importance of my hair being very voluminous. She says it is already; I say I want more. She says okay, and I leave happy.

Now I need jewelry and shoes, and I'll be set to walk down the aisle. I'm thinking some pearls, which I love, love, love. And I want some unexpected shoes. Maybe red. Or green. Or some with a bow. Ooh, this should be fun!

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