19 June 2009

The Only Bug I Love

Meet Crickett. Crickett Marie, to be exact. Yes, it's spelled with two "t's". Yes, I know that cricket only has one "t", but I'm her mom, and I was able to choose. Crickett and I have been together since Christmas 2004. I mentioned to my parents that if I ever got a dog, I would want a miniature dachshund. Well, she was my "big" Christmas present that year, weighing in at about two pounds. She was, and is, so cute! I tell her all the time that she's the only bug I love.

I'd never been a dog person, but that had to change. Quickly. The first week I had her, she was able to chew threw a Pack 'n' Play (we thought it'd be better if she had more room than a kennel). I moved her to my kitchen and put a baby gate up to keep her contained. At two pounds, she knocked it down. I should have known at that point her persistence. By the end of the week, she had her very own kennel.

Some things that I happen to love and loathe about Crickett:
  • I wake her most every morning. She sleeps until I get up, no matter how late.
  • She the moodiest dog I've ever met! She's quick to let me know if she's mad. She ignores like none other.
  • Crickett has epilepsy and takes seizure medication twice a day.
  • She sleeps with me and has to touch me all night. Sometimes I can escape.
  • I say "kennel," and she goes straight to her kennel. Well, most of the time. Not so much when Jeremy is around.
  • She loves fruits and veggies! She thinks that bananas are meant to be shared.
  • She hates when her tummy touches the grass when going to the bathroom, especially if the grass is wet!
  • She "sings" with me when I sing How Much is that Doggie in the Window, but only to that one song.
  • Crickett was almost given to Animal Control when she chased him down, barking the whole time.
  • She's so smart! I swear, even if she did chase down Animal Control. If I say a name, she gets so excited. Especially if these names are: Jeremy, Gran, Grandpa, Chad or Sarah (my roommate). And she knows certain turns when going to Jeremy's or my parents. She starts jumping around in my lap, where she rides anytime we're in the car.
  • She loves chocolate. I think it must be a myth that chocolate is toxic to dogs. She's eaten her fair share of Hershey's kisses--carefully unwrapped with the flag removed. I'm not kidding. She also loves brownies. Really big brownies.

I just love having a dog. Well, most days. Crickett is the ONLY bug I love.

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