10 June 2009


My gym started a new group class last week. Zumba. I was brave enough to attend this week. It's a dance workout with Latin and other international music. I'm not exactly a dancer. Except for the Cotton-Eyed Joe. Don't you remember? Don't you know?Today was my second attempt at Zumba. And it's fun!

Okay, so 20 minutes into it, I think I might not make it. Then I almost bust it because I'm sweating so much that the floor beneath me is slick. Then there's the itty-bitty girl who came into class late who's obviously taken Latin and hip-hop dance class since she could walk. I bargain with myself to finish the class with the promise that I don't have to come back.

But then, our super cool instructor turns to us and says we can burn 500-800 calories in a 60 minute class. The more jumps and more exagerated the arm movements, the more calories are burned. At which point, I forget about the 15 other people in the room and dance like a Latin, hip-hop dancing fool. Well, everyone except itty-bitty cheerleader-girl in front of me.

So. Is Zumba fun? Yes. Will I be able to sit tomorrow? Probably not. Will I be in class on Saturday? Absolutely!


Pleasant Drive said...

Love your blog, Kristina! I will be a regular follower. I'm a fellow blogger.

Di said...

girl, you may have just been my inspo start that class. I have been toying with theidea for a while now but I know my not so coordinated self will look a fool haha! I am glad your blogging, I just love it. Such a release often in my case comic. :)