02 July 2009

Red, White & Blue

Okay, when people ask my favorite holiday, I always reply Thanksgiving. Because it is. But a really, really close second is Fourth of July. I love it! Just like Thanksgiving, I love why it's celebrated and how it's celebrated. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Jesus and Christmas, but it's so fast-paced and the selfishness, including my own, overwhelms me.

Growing up, the Fourth was a big deal. We always spent the day at my grandparents lake house with homemade ice cream and fireworks. Oh, I'm sure there were other things to eat, but who cares when swimming, homemade ice cream with Magic Shell, and fireworks happen on the same day?! During high school, I think I was at camp every year for the Fourth. I remember several attempts by camp staff to make it as patriotic as possible. Every summer during college, I was in Romania for the Fourth of July, and we made some great memories for our holiday. Our Romanian friends really didn't care to join in our festivities. They thought the Fourth of July was some day between the third and fifth of July. They just don't know what they missed. One summer, we happened to have to British girls on our team. We had a game of trivia where they learned all about our freedom from the Mother Country. We were shocked to know that all of Britain doesn't mourn the loss of the States on that day! Other summers were celebrated with sparklers and trips to McDonald's, where we could feast on hamburgers and fried apple pies with soft-serve ice cream and caramel on top.

Now that I've had several summers of celebration at home, I get so excited! About a week before, I gear up and think of a perfect day and an outfit. Normally, I don't think matching the outfit with the holiday is appropriate, but I do make an exception for this celebration. I also L.O.V.E. patriotic music! Oh. my. word. I have a physical reaction to it! My absolute fave is the medley played in patriotic services where each branch of the Armed Forces is recognized.

This year, we're doing it all: swimming, hanging out with family, hamburgers, homemade ice cream, and fireworks, and I'm bringing music. And guacamole. And I think Rice Krispies treats. I get excited just thinking about it. What are you most excited about for Fourth of July?


-M said...

I LoVe the Fourth too--that's just one of the reasons we're besties. :-) I agree w/ everything you said about the music, the clothing, and the celebration (oh yeah, and the RO comments). Love ya!

Christine said...

YUM!! How fun. I love being in the pool and eating hotdogs...and of course homemade ice cream doesn't hurt either!