30 July 2009

Beautiful Balloons

A couple of weekends ago, Jeremy & I went to the Great Texas Balloon Race in Longview. We arrived just before dusk, in time for the oh-so-popular Balloon Glow. Neither of us had been, and it was so amazing.

I was dead-set on finding a perfect spot. Only, I didn't know where that would be because we didn't know where the balloons were stationed. We decided on a little clearing and laid out our blanket. A few minutes later, we discovered we were in the middle of several balloons that were waiting to be blown up. It was the perfect spot.

Since we're having amazingly cool weather in Texas, it wasn't miserable while we sat and waited for the show to begin. The first balloon went up as the National Anthem was sung; it had an American flag waving beneath the basket. So neat.

Then the show began. All around us, 50 or so balloons began filling with hot air, their colors rising up to the sky. Each one was tethered by a ground crew, keeping them in position.

Several times during the evening, the balloons lit up simultaneously, creating a "glow." It was such a fun experience to be in a field with dozens of hot air balloons. And it was a little warm with all of the fires burning to keep the balloons up.

There were colorful balloons and character balloons. There were tons of smiles and laughs. It was such a joy-filled night that we'll hopefully repeat.


jessica mccrary said...

I've been to the balloon glow! It's gorgeous! Hahaha, and there's funnel cake!

Kristina said...

Unfortunately, we stuff ourselves on Pizza King just before we went. No funnel cake that night. But the fair is just around the corner!

Sam said...

Funnel cake makes everything better.