19 July 2009

Must Be

Yesterday, one of my besties reminded me of this story. It's amazing.

A couple of years ago, I took my feather bed to the laundromat so that I could clean it using a commercial-sized washer and dryer. Once it was washed, I took it over to the dryer and shoved it in, along with a few tennis balls. A lady came over to me, and the following conversation REALLY. DID. HAPPEN. You might need to read it out loud, just to get the effect.

Lady: Huh. Why'd you put tennis balls in the dryer?
Me: Well, when you dry something with feathers, like a comforter or feather bed, if you'll put tennis balls or tennis shoes into the dryer, then it will redistribute the feathers and make it fluffy.
Lady: Huh. Must be the tena.
Me: (Huge smile.) Must be.

The end.

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Sam said...

LOL! That's funny!