31 July 2009

Teacher-y Things

Today, I visited the teacher store: Adventures in Learning. I needed a simple border for a bulletin board. I. LOVE. THE. TEACHER. STORE. And all school supplies, in general.

See, there's a little teacher in me that needs to come out every once in a while. Growing up, I pretty much forced anyone younger than me to play school. I was always the teacher, of course. If anyone had a problem with that, they could be my student teacher. I loved it, and I'm sure everyone else did, too.

As a college advisor, I get to work with kids, which is super great. It's really the best part about my job. Well, that and Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, spring break, and summer hours. Other than those, it's the kids, for sure. And I miss the kids during the summer. Really, I do. I'm ready for them to come back!

Many a teacher-y desire is met in my job. Work with kids? Check. Create bulletin boards? Check (with my new, black border). Proctor exams? Check. Visit the teacher store? Check. Yet, there remains one thing that I'm unable to do: use an EZ Grader. I have always had a deep affection for these, and today at the teacher store, they were everywhere.

Seeing these makes me wonder if I missed my calling. I wanted one. A pink one. There are few things that bring happiness to my heart like the EZ Grader. I mean, how else would you figure the grade if there were seven questions on a quiz? I don't think you could!

Walking through the teacher store, I found things that I want, but really have reason to purchase. But let me tell you, when we have kids old enough to benefit from my teacher-y self, they're gonna be sooo smart. I might even figure out how to incorporate an EZ Grader into our home.

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Kathryn said...

I am pretty sure these make my heart happy too :)