27 July 2009

Becoming One

Yesterday, Jeremy & I had our first attempt at becoming one as we consolidated stuff. Specifically, his stuff. We spent the afternoon together, going through his closets and purging many, many a thing. In the end, we had seven trash bags of stuff. Add that to the laundry basket and shopping bags I filled at my house last weekend, and you have the beginnings of a good garage sale.

Our first attempt at becoming one was much less painful than we both expected. You know, stuff is so personal, even if it hasn't served it's purpose in the last two years. Who wants there fiancee digging through closets, making decisions about clothes that should no longer be worn or shoes that were bought ten years ago? But we did good. Really good. He was surprised that we didn't scrap the majority of his closet. In fact, he commented that I needed to get rid of more. He made me fall in love just a little more when he said that we can just replace any holes we create in his wardrobe. I know what I'll be doing with my wardrobe once our finances become one! Just kidding. A little.

Once married, we'll live in the house that I rent now. It's very spacious and will allow all of our furniture to fit, which is one less major decision-making session. Over the next few weeks, we're planning to spend time a few nights a week packing and organizing so that the moving process will run somewhat smoother.

I think the beginning stages, and maybe every other stage, of becoming one might prove to be challenging at times, but we're excited.

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