29 July 2009

25 years later...

I've discovered that I jump rope backwards. Yes, backwards. Evidently, the proper way to jump rope is placing the rope behind you and brining it forward. I didn't know there was a proper way; my trainer didn't believe that anyone could jump rope backwards by starting with the jump rope in front and swinging it overhead to the back. Till I showed him how to do it. He even got a tad frustrated when my little brain couldn't understand how to go forwards. I got in three, non-consecutive, forward jumps in one minute. The Jump Rope Queen in our class got 75 jumps. Who cares. I mean, I might care some, but I bet she can't jump rope backwards. And I can.

After a few conversations with others who jumped rope for heart for years and years in school, I found that we supposedly did both. Only I can't remember ever going forwards. Or jumping without a double jump. What happened that my brain cannot comprehend this physical activity?

I just googled proper jumping rope technique and found a ton of resources on jumping rope. Who knew that this even existed? There is a Jump Rope Institute, for goodness sake! I'm not knocking those who love this activity; I just find it unreal that an activity from elementary school--and boxing--is so technical.

I'm off to attempt forward jumping rope. But it's likely that I'll stick to what I know. At least until after our engagement pictures. Then I won't be nearly as concerned about busting my face.


allison said...

I have had to read this post three times in an attempt to understand. Front to back? As in...the rope starts in the front, and you swing it over your head behind you and jump over it as it reaches your feet from behind?? I always thought THAT was "backward jumping." I tried this at the gym this morning (the way I just described) and only got about three jumps, as well. So unnatural. I always start with the rope behind me. Thanks for blowing my mind with this, Kristina.

Kristina said...

Al, see I can't even explain it correctly. I did make modifications in the original post. You, my friend, are jumping correctly. What you tried at the gym is backwards jumping. I'm sorry that you're not talented enough to do it. :)