24 October 2010


On Thursday, I went under the knife. I had my wisdom teeth removed. I know, I'm like 13 years late in having this procedure done. So this weekend has been days on end of recovery (read: hydrocodone-induced naps). I don't feel like I should complain; I mean, it's not childbirth. But I think mouth pain could be some of the worst pain ever. My sweet Husby has taken excellent care of me. Although last night he said he misses me. Evidently, I'm not uber-fun when on drugs. My mom came over yesterday and stocked our fridge full of soups (broccoli cheese, white chili, and butternut squash) and parfaits and such. And my mother-in-law made a delivery of corn chowder, banana pudding and Christmas magazines. Do I have a great team or what?!

In the time I've had to recoup, I've enjoyed redecorating rooms (inside my head). If you've been reading long, you know that I've struggled to come up with my style. You know--country, modern, traditional. And I still don't know 100%, but I do know that I'd like not to get tired of anything too quickly. I found this picture in Country Living magazine a few months ago, and I loved it immediately:

I don't love everything about it, but I do love the headboard, the white bedding with pops of color and the stencil on the wall. I decided that it would be a great starter for a bedroom (since we have white bedding, which I love). I've contemplated having a headboard custom made into a similar shape, since this carved headboard would be way out of our price range. And THEN, guess what I found from Ballard Designs? You won't even believe it!

It's almost the exact headboard (minus a few decorative birds). And it's more in our price range than a custom-made headboard. Then I've daydreamed about fabrics. My main problem with fabrics (bedding, included) is their permanency; I like to change things out. Pretty often. BUT if it's inexpensive, then I wouldn't feel as bad about doing a little change-out. I do like these from fabric.com:

So other than decorating rooms in my head, I haven't done just a whole lot. Husby did convince me to play xbox with him; then wanted to know if I preferred XMen or Justice League. Is there even a difference? I'd like to share that my skills still haven't developed past Super Nintendo.

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Christine said...

I had that surgery a few years ago - I remember it well my friend! Steven catching my drool in a bowl while I syringed my mouth out? Enough said. Rest well and drink lots of smoothies!