04 November 2010

I Think I'm Back

Oh my goodness. October was the longest month on record! I was never so happy to see November roll around. It doesn't hurt that it brought cooler temperatures, either. (I was finally able to wear a dress with tights and boots. Yea, cooler weather!)

Perhaps you read here that I had my wisdom teeth removed and assumed that I recovered. Well, let me tell you, I didn't. The day of this post, I had dry sockets that were diagnosed as bruising. (Psst...a dry socket is where the blood clot over the removed tooth releases and exposes bone and nerve. Ouch!) So, I lived in pain for four days until another dry socket formed. Then I knew the problem. And had it fixed, which is not at all fun or pain-free. All was fine until I contracted a stomach virus. This all happened during the busiest work week of the year for me, since we had so many November 1 deadlines to meet. I pushed really hard to make it each day, and succeeded until Thursday of last week when my boss pretty much told me I had to go home. It was SO hard for me to leave my kiddos. Thankfully, my boss who's on maternity leave was able to cover for me. On Friday morning (after having dry sockets packed again), I was back at work and felt like a new woman. And we met all of our November 1 deadlines. And I still have painful dry sockets that can't be packed again.

The end...but keep reading.

Husby and I celebrated our first anniversary in October. We decided to do the traditional gift, which is paper. Wanna see what it was?

Paper tickets to see Shrek the Musical! Clever, huh?! It was such a fun musical. And at the end, the whole audience stands and sings "I'm a Believer." So fun and so funny! With our Shrek tickets, we had access to the State Fair of Texas. Husby had never been, so we decided that it was a perfect time to go. A few pics (minus the Big Tex pics since Blogger hates them and won't upload them correctly)...

Love it!

Gross. We did not eat this.

On one of the rabbit cages. I think I might see if this method works. :)

It was a fun way to spend our anniversary together. Oh...we also used public transportation in Dallas to get to and from the hotel and Fair Park. Let's just say that Dallas folk don't quite know how to use public transportation like the people of San Francisco or Chicago or New York or Budapest or Vienna or Prague.

This weekend, I'll spend a night away from Husby. I'm going to hear Shauna Niequist, author of Bittersweet, speak on Friday night. I'm so excited. Have you read it yet? You should. It's absolutely wonderful. My college roomie and I are hanging out for the day on Saturday, and then on Saturday night, we have a wedding, and I don't have a clue what I'll wear. I probably need a new outfit. Don't you agree?

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adriane said...

yay for a much needed girl weekend!!!