28 July 2010

Honeymoon Highlights: Prison Visit

Catchy title, huh?! Husby and I are on our way to Alcatraz. It was a must-do for our honeymoon in San Francisco. Even better was that we scored tickets for the NIGHT TOUR OF ALCATRAZ. You can see the beautiful golden sunset behind us on the boat ride to the island. (It's the namesake for the Golden Gate Bridge.)

Truthfully, I expected a night visit to Alcatraz to be a tad more spooky. But somehow being with 200 other people makes for a less scary event. Well, if you don't count the boat ride over and back. Then if you catastrophize like I do, you come up with a headline about a boat capsizing on the 10 minute ride to Alcatraz.

That being said, it's not a place I'd like to live permanently. It's enough to keep me out of prison. Well, that and the Lord. Alcatraz is definitely a barren place. Some of the stories are quite remarkable. The most known is the escape of three prisoners that were never caught. I've heard they were meals for some sharks, but did you know that there aren't man-eating sharks inside San Francisco Bay? It was a myth made up by prison guards to keep the guys from escaping. Now, if you swim far enough out, you're likely to become a snack to a shark that was waiting for a seal to leave Pier 59.

Here are a few peeks inside Alcatraz:

Prisoner Check-in

Corner of the Cell Blocks

Husby in Solitary :)

The Key on a Pulley System

Windows facing San Francisco Bay.
Prisoners could hear parties on New Years.

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