09 July 2010

What to Wear (or Not)

I think it's pretty evident by the last few posts that my life is a litle boring right now. It's just sad that I've been able to post without any real content. Lately my thoughts have been consumed with what in the world I'm going to wear while touring Eastern Europe. Sure, I love a sundress or summery skirt with sandals any day of the week and a little extra on Sundays. But they just don't seem to be the attire I should wear while walking 12+ hours a day.

I do own two (yes, two) pair of shorts. Both are denim and longer and cute-ish for shorts. (Husby still doesn't understand why he no longer is able to wear or own long, denim shorts since I can. I tell him that life just isn't fair. And until Lee jean shorts make a debut in GQ, he might as well just get over it.) Unfortunately, summer clothes are on their way out of the stores and pickings are slim. I tried on a few pair yesterday: yellow, white and light khaki. Um...not my colors of choice in anything, really. Needless to say, none of them came home with me.

Another issue? Comfortable shoes. I have super blister prone skin. If my feet just get near an uncomfy pair of shoes, they start blistering. Which means I'll need to rock tennis shoes during the long days of walking through cities. And I just don't like the look of tennis shoes with dressier shorts or skirts. It takes me back to my high school days when I was pretty much a fashion tragedy, and I just can't do it!

(Side story: when Husby and I were driving to Wisconsin in March, I didn't have room in my bag for my scrunchy boots. I put them in the back of the car, easily accessible for grabbing when we went into the hotel the first night of our trip. Only, I forgot to grab them. The next morning, I had to wear the tennis shoes from the day before into the hotel breakfast because Husby didn't see the need in going to get them for me. So I rocked a dress with leggings and tennis shoes. Although not crowded, I did get a few looks.)

(Side story to that: my two office aides shared with me that if you want to make someone feel insecure, stare at their feet when they're walking towards you.)

(Truth to that story: it's accurate.)

So you can see why I have no idea what to do. Comfort vs. fashion. It's obvious that I can't go to Husby for advice because he wants me to wear what's comfortable, and I want both. (I really think he's hoping I didn't throw the jean shorts in the trash. And maybe, just maybe, if he's supportive about my comfort, then they'll reappear.)

My solution so far:  wear sport/running skirts that I love so much. They have the little biking shorts for comfort, AND they look cute with tennis shoes. I can certainly take a couple of dresses or skirts to wear to dinner or whathaveyou in the evenings.

This weekend is dedicated to figuring out my attire in Europe. Here's hoping it's successful!

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