16 July 2010

A Typical Friday Night

Is anyone else just ready to crash on Friday nights? We are! Husby and I realized early on that we don't like going out to eat on Friday nights. It seems to be the norm in our neck of the woods, but the norm makes things crowded and noisy. Those are two things I don't so much enjoy on a Friday evening.

So, on Friday nights, we hang out with each other. We joke that we have date nights at home. We love to play games, have reading nights and watch a little TV. Any of which are perfect, nerd-like Friday night activities. (Unless it's a game that requires uber strategy, and then I'm out.)

I usually avoid cooking an entire meal these nights. In the past couple of months, we've discovered that we really love wine and cheese on Friday nights. I usually kick it up and add some bruschetta and fruit. It looks something like this:

What about you? Do Friday's excite you so much that you can't wait to get out on the town? Are you and your friends all about pajamas and pizza?

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