21 July 2010

It Really Works!

After a few weeks of summer, I've decided that I just can't take being a step away from translucent. Ha! Seriously, I have fair skin that just doesn't tan easily. I wish it did. When I was younger and much less wise, I visited the tanning bed several times a week. But then I decided that scrambling my DNA, risking skin cancer for me and possible birth defects for future children really isn't worth the risk it takes to be a little darker. I stopped tanning and never looked back.

On occasion, I've gotten a Mystic Tan. You know, the kind that sprays on? That's only tricky because it sprays for about 30 seconds on the front, and then 30 seconds on the back, and I NEVER KNOW WHEN TO BREATHE. Not only that, but I have flashbacks of Ross from Friends having quite a mishap in the sunless tanning booth. Those playing on repeat in my head made me decide against doing it for my wedding. So, I was a fair-skinned bride. (It's a good thing Husby thinks fair skin is attractive!)

Just this week, though, I decided that enough is enough. I need color on my legs in a major way. Enter this tube of magic from Jergens. I'm on day 2 and can already tell a difference; I'm not nearly as bright white as I was! Hallelu!

So, all you fair-skinned girls (or girls who have a healthy fear of the tanning bed), try it out!

This is just my opinion. Jergens has no idea what joy they've brought to my life. :)

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