23 July 2010

Friday Fives: Wishlist

Okay, seriously...every time I visit Just Me and My Life, I want to copy her whole blog layout. Colors, fonts, everything. And sometimes I want to copy her blog posts. Although imitation is the best form of flattery, I think the line is drawn so where imitation doesn't become ripping someone off entirely. :) Believe you me, I really wanted to repost this right here. Go ahead, click on the link, you won't be disappointed. It involves Lady Gaga and ridiculously high platform shoes. There might be a fall involved. (For the record, if I see someone fall, it's instinctive to laugh; then help them up.)

I've decided that instead of blatantly copying Beth's entire blog, I'll play along with Friday Fives. I love making a wish list! Here goes:

1. A terrific camera.

2. A Dash & Albert striped rug for my living room.

3. This DIY headboard with Otomi fabric.

4. A mega gift card to:
for back to school clothes. :)

5. A ring for my right hand. I feel awfully off balance, you know.

Psst, Husby...you should save this link for future reference. :)

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