02 July 2010

Friday Fives: 4th of July

Because I had so much fun last week with Friday Fives at Just Me and My Life, I decided to play along this week. And, really, what better topic than...

I love this holiday. Here's why...

I've celebrated Independence Day in several ways. Growing up, we celebrated the day at my grandparent's lake house. There were tons of people: family, friends, and neighbors who were in for the weekend. Of course, we had wonderful food, homemade ice cream (peach was my favorite!) and fireworks (more on those later). When I started high school, I seemed to have camp every year over the 4th. Sure, we'd celebrate with hamburgers and sparklers, but it just wasn't the same. And then in college, I was always in Romania for the summer, which meant celebrating there.

Every year, it was a little different, but one of my favorites was the time we had two British girls on our team, Emma and Rosie. After our meal of hamburgers, we had a trivia session where we proudly announced the significance of the day (because they REALLY DIDN'T KNOW). By the end of the game, these girls knew WE WERE NO LONGER PART OF THE MOTHERLAND. And really, they could have cared less. Actually, they were probably glad because we were so obnoxious that night. Ha!

My last summer in Romania, we ate at McDonald's on the 4th of July. What's more American than that? The kicker, though, was the dessert. They have the same fried apple pies that we have in the States. (Although, I've NEVER eaten one here.) That summer, they had heaven in a bowl. The pies were placed in a bowl, and then topped with soft-serve ice cream and caramel. OH. MY. GOODNESS. They were so good.

The past couple of years, we've celebrated in my in-laws backyard. We enjoy burgers off the grill and yummy desserts. Husby brings his bows and arrows with the massive target, all of which are stored in our house. Last year, I have vivid memories of hiding behind solid objects when certain people took turns at shooting those things.

Patriotic music has a very special place in my heart. After learning and performing "This Land is Your Land" in Mrs. Lindamood's 5th grade music class, hearing patriotic music just makes me smile. One of my most favorite things is the church service the weekend before Independence Day, where they play the medley of songs from all branches of the Armed Forces, and each member stands when the appropriate song is played. I get goosebumps every year!

I just love fireworks! It's pretty much a requirement to see them. The least fun 4th of July celebration are those without fireworks. I love to say, "Oh, those are my favorites. Never mind, those are my favorites," for the entire fireworks show.

Typically, I'm not your girl who dresses for the holiday. I don't wear Christmas sweaters or have Halloween socks. BUT I usually color-coordinate for this special holiday. This year, I plan to wear my denim skirt with a [still to be bought] red shirt. Last year, I wore a navy blue dress with a rope belt, but the wedge heels were a little more than uncomfortable on the 1/2 mile we had to walk to the fireworks show. This year, I'll be a tad more practical. I think.

If you haven't noticed, I do like the food on the 4th. I so enjoy grilling out. Since we don't have a grill at our house, this is like a freebie grill-out session. Hamburgers and brats are on the menu. I'll contribute the apple pie. (What's more American than that?!) Although it'll be for dinner, I think I might start a new tradition and have apple pie for 4th of July breakfast.

What about you, what are your favorites for the 4th? Play along!

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Christine said...

I DO love the 4th! Mainly for the food and idea of a pool party :) And fireworks!