25 June 2010

Friday Faves

Okay, if I link up with other blogs, it has to be because I really want to write about the topic given. It's a way to have a topic without having to accidentally call adult hot lines for a story. (I promise it really was an accident that just turned into a great story!)

So, I found this blog at some point this week. (We'll talk about my addiction to blog jumping a little later.) It spoke to me because the blog design is red and turquoise, which happens to be one of my love languages. If you can believe it--I barely can--one of my BFF's once told me that red and turquoise "don't go together." What?! I had to pray through that friendship, and once she confessed to me that they do actually compliment each other, the friendship was saved.

The topic is a just a series of five questions created by Beth at Just Me and My Life. And I can answer some questions! Let's get started...

1. If given a chance to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?
Actually, our school is closed next week, so I'm forced to stay home the entire week. Since it's approximately the temperature of the sun with the humidity of the entire ocean, it'll be tough to convince myself to leave the air conditioning. Although on the docket: blueberry picking, fig picking, tending to our little garden, possibly making a headboard, finish watching season 2 of Gilmore Girls, borrowing a friend's Dyson vacuum cleaner to give our house a go-over, and spray-painting something.

2. If you could start fresh, what profession would you choose?
I do love my current profession as a college advisor, and I never could have dreamed of being a college advisor. But I think I would love to do something artsy. Likely graphic design.

3. What is your favorite candy or candy bar?

4. Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial or bought an "As Seen on TV" item?
Target has a special "As Seen on TV" section. Although I haven't ever bought anything off of an infomercial, I did purchase the Ped Egg at Target. And I still love it today as much as I did back then.

5. What's the movie you ALWAYS cry at?

Okay, I have to finish getting ready for work. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Husby announced before he left for work that he doesn't want to do anything this weekend. That sounds like a plan!


Pleasant Drive said...

Again, you have the very best humor. I love it. Enjoy your week off!

Linda said...

Krissy--you did leave something off your list for next week. Visit your sweet MOTHER!!! Love you :)

mjellis said...

Visiting from Friday Fives...
I just love your blog! I'm your newest follower :)
Hope you have a great day!

Christine said...

Oh my gosh, don't even get me started on Stepmom. I completely bawl everytime I watch that movie! And that is hilarious about the Ped Egg :)

Kim Elkins said...

I've been thinking about the ped egg - you may have just talked me into it!

Kristina said...

Linds-thanks and thanks. :)

Mom--fig picking is in YOUR backyard. I'm thinking I'll see you at some point.

mjellis--hi and thanks!

Stine--when that baby (whose been baking for 10.4 months) is here, I'll bring the Ped Egg. We'll find a happier movie to watch.

Kim--you WILL NOT be disappointed. You will, however, be disgusted with what comes off of your little feet!

Lisa said...

I bought the ped egg too. Cute blog!!

Beth McC. said...

PS I love you- crying jus thinking about it!!!

Love all your answers!!!
Thank you for doing my Friday Fives, I hope you have a great weekend!