15 June 2010

A Very Random List

1. My friend in real life who just happens to blog (as opposed to a blog friend who is someone you "know" through the blogvine), Christine, commented on my last post and pointed out that I cook with a lot of recipes. As soon as I read her observation, I realized that I DO COOK with LOTS OF RECIPES. Sure, I have a few things that I've cooked enough times not to need a recipe (tortilla soup, chicken and dumplings). And, yes, I pride myself on not needing a recipe to create something--if I taste something I like, then I try to recreate it at home, and I'm often successful. But when it comes to meal-PLANNING, I rely on recipes. Even Husby has commented on my recipe-reliance. It just makes it easier to make sure we have everything needed to make meals during the week. Since I only grocery shop once a week (because I cannot handle anymore time in the store), I feel like I have to plan. But maybe I just need to change my method. Wow. I just bored myself. Moving along...

2. Men's dress shoes often require shoelaces--the round, waxy laces. If they break, these laces are pretty much non-existent. I had to visit three stores today to find a pair of brown shoe laces. Come on, people! If you have a men's shoe department or are a men's clothing store, please have these things available. If they're not available, then I have to wander through countless other stores at the mall, trying things on and buying things that may or may not be needed. And then Husby will wonder why I spent $72 on laces. Especially since the price tag on the back reads $3. Hopefully he won't notice that each little package of laces came in large shopping bags.

3. In the search for laces, I did have a glorious moment. The sales lady in Dillard's with the spiral perm pulled half-up with a banana clip, in her attempt to help me find the laces, suggested WalMart (which made me want to cry--I just can't handle it more than twice a year) or a drugstore. I thanked her, and then she explained that a drugstore might have them because they carry "old school" things. Excuse me? I grinned. While I might equate old school to "back in the day" or maybe something retro, she did not. Thinking I might not understand, she explained that a drugstore might have them because they carry old school things like shoe laces and canes and pill boxes. I replied, "OH, things that older people might need." Her response? "No, old school things." I smiled, thanked her again and walked away. Evidently, I need to brush up on my slang.

4. I have wonderful friends (which I've known) who actually read my blog (which I never assume). One, in particular, knows about my food funk, and extended an invitation for Husby and I to meet she and her hubby for dinner. And they brought their super cute baby who laughed and laughed, with an open mouth, showing her two bottom teeth.

5. Baby laughs are the cutest, sweetest laughs in the world. Just thinking about it makes me smile.


Christine said...

I love everything about this list. I'm still impressed with #1, and are you sure that wasn't my mom who was the sales lady at Dillard's? Just thinking the spiral perm and banana clip.

Julie Adams said...

I read your blog. Just thought you'd like to know you are special!

Kristina said...

Christine--she WAS a dark-haired, southern-accent version of your mom! Hilarious! I'd love to know how she defines 'old school.'