01 June 2010

I Can Never Buy These Again...

These are like crack to me. I thought they'd be great to take for our picnic at Caddo Lake since the bag is resealable. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how much I'd like them. I do enjoy Oreo's, but my favorite part is the actual cookie--not the icing. I know that I'm in the 0.05% minority of people who like the cookie and not the icing. And these things have a larger cookie to icing ratio than regular Oreo's. (Oh, don't get me started on my method for scraping the icing from double-stuffed Oreo's!)

So, until I develop some sort of willpower, they will remain on the list of things-I-won't-buy-except-for-road trips-and-picnics, along with:

Road trip or picnic, anyone? :)

1 comment :

michelle said...

i'm driving to nebraska and iowa next weekend. wanna come with me? any excuse for dr. pepper and oreos, right?