22 June 2010

It's Just So Hot

Holy moly. I have no idea why I ever complain about the [relatively] chilly temperatures in the winter, and then promise that I'll never complain about summer if the WINTER WOULD JUST END. I guess I just get tired of wearing a coat. Because in Texas, I wear a coat from my car into the office, and then back to my car. Any errands run between buildings of our open campus are done with speed and a scarf. A trip to the grocery store is done very much the same way. It's just such a hassle.

But this heat! This heat is zapping the strength out of me. I feel that if the temperature and heat index will ever fall below 162, I'll be better. Yesterday, I convinced myself that it was too hot to work out INSIDE THE GYM. Seriously? And today, I skipped most of my make-up routine (which isn't very lengthy, as is) and only put on a little bronzer, shimmery eye shadow and mascara because I knew that it would melt off of me. By the time I reached my building--after finding a tree to shade my car for the day--the sweat appeared and the make-up began making its exit.

Have I mentioned that I sweat like a 600 pound man? Oh, and did I mention that we went to a family wedding this weekend? In Austin? Outside? At six o'clock?

I decided that I'd debut the floppy red hat that Husby gave me for my birthday. It did its job in keeping the sun out of my eyes, but it made my head so sweaty. Since I'd worn my hair curly, I thought I might be able to take off the hat. (Sometimes when I wear it curly, it doesn't look like a matted mess, even when sweaty.) I lifted the hat and turned to Husby to see if he thought I'd be able to pull off the slightly-sweaty-curly-hair look. He quickly offered that I wouldn't approve of the way my hair looks. And if he knows we're at that point, it's bad.

Today's heat index of 109 will surely make me unable to cook anything for dinner. I mean, who wants to turn on the stove? It just makes the house hotter. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my food funk. Well, maybe. But I am thinking about cooking more often. That's so much better than where I've been the past couple of weeks.

I promise: if this heat will end, I will not complain about winter. Or at least our two weeks of fall.


Pleasant Drive said...

Amen, Sister! This heat is horrendous! But, I'll take it if it means that I don't have to work in the summer months. I can deal with a hot house and a hot car. Just don't give me any hot kids!

Christine said...

HAHA! I love what Jeremy said about your hair. Good man :) And seriously, it's 103 today and I'm 9.5 months pregnant. My feet look like those of an elephant.

allison said...

You sweating like a 600 pound man...now there's a visual that makes me giggle. :)

Claire Cozad said...

I have an outdoor wedding in Austin this weekend, any suggestions?!?