02 June 2010

My Heart is Smiling

My college roommate and wonderful friend is currently in Africa. Her parents are missionaries in Malawi; she's visiting them for the summer AND working on her master's in ethnomusicology.

(In case you're wondering, the first step in applying for this degree plan is spelling your intended degree. It weeds a lot of people out on the first day.)

(Just kidding. But it'd be a good idea.)

Adriane and I have travelled together, and she knows the type of picture I like. Typically, I love a building or window or door. The more run down, the more character, the better. So you can imagine my delight when I was tagged in a photo on facebook. Normally, I wonder who's taken and posted a picture of me from a bad angle. But not this time. I found this picture, and it made my heart smile. And put in a request for more pictures burned to a CD and given to me for my half-birthday. Totally serious about that.


1 comment :

adriane said...

YAY! thanks for the shout out. there are so many cool buildings with color ads on them that i want to take but my parents won't stop. 5 more weeks...i'm still trying... :)