16 June 2010

The Hills are Alive

Tonight, as Husby works to finish a project for work, I have control of the television. And I'm watching...

I've seen it no less than 16 times. I remember watching it at a very young age and proclaiming that I would be a nun. Because all good baptist girls go to the convent.

And because of my L.O.V.E. for musicals and soundtracks, I've listened to the soundtrack at least 34 times in the past ten years. Which makes me sad that my average is only 3.4 times per year. I've set a new goal for myself to listen to it at least 5 times per year. It's all about setting goals.

Before you continue reading, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO:

Wasn't that FANTASTIC?! It makes me smile. Do you know HOW HAPPY I WOULD BE if I were part of that flash mob? I wonder if I can will it to happen to me.

Allow me to offer a few observations from my current viewing material. I'm sure that you'll enjoy reading along. It'll be like you're here, watching it with me as I comment on everything I love.

1. Remember the curtains in Maria's bedroom? The curtains she used to make the childrens' play clothes? It's in the scene with "A Few of My Favorite Things," and I would totally like to have those as curtains. I really wonder if damask was a fashion in the late 1930's that's made a roaring comeback. Who in their right mind would want to replace curtains like those?! Evidently, Captain Von Trapp didn't see them for the fashion trend they were. I'm really glad Maria saw that they could be used for good, cute outfits. As a refresher for you, the curtains were very similar to this damask:

2. I love it when Captain Von Trapp begins singing while the children perform "The Hills are Alive." My hear just melts. That AND when he sings "Edelweiss." 

3. I need to work on my yodeling so that I can sing along with the marionette show.

4. When Captain holds the party for the Baroness and goes to dance with Maria on the patio, he's wearing white gloves with his tux. He looks so handsome! I'm 94.3% sure that I'm finding something to attend where I can dress Husby in a tux with white gloves. I think he'll look even more dreamy than the Captain. I'm also sure he won't agree to my outfit of choice.

5. It's REALLY HARD for me not to sing all of the songs as they're playing on the movie. Except for "Climb Every Mountain." I fast-forward.

6. I really don't like the Baroness. I'm glad they didn't end up together.

7. I think my mom resembles Julie Andrews. Which is a good thing.


9. I'm also going to find a function to attend where Husby will wear a 1930's naval officer uniform. I'll also need the uniform with the gold things on the shoulders. Why didn't I watch this before our wedding? Husby totally could have looked like Captain Von Trapp.

10. It makes me so happy that the children have a new mother that they love.

11. I just realized how late it is. You know that MawMaw has to be in bed by 10:30, and I'm already five minutes past my bedtime.

12. On a good note, I finally learned how to embed video's into my blog.

13. Good night.

14. P.S. When the Von Trapp's fled to the States from Austria, my great uncle and aunt knew them. Cool, huh?

15. I've attempted to fix my original bullet points SIX TIMES. Now, I have a numbered list. MawMaw just doesn't do well with technology (or much else) after 10:30.

16. Good night, again.

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