27 June 2010

(Unsolicited) Spin Pin Review

When I saw the commercial for Spin Pins, I was so intrigued. They take the place of TWENTY bobby pins. Always a sucker for good marketing, I thought I might like to try them, but doubted their ability to hold my hair in place. I have very fine, thick hair that's cut into a gillion layers. (Otherwise, it's so weighted down on top and so frizzy at the bottom, that I look like my hairstyle is a triangle. Nice, huh?) And most often, during the summer, I wear it curly. I didn't think it'd work on curly hair.

Soon after my inclination to try them, one of my BFF's shared her wonderment of the Spin Pin on facebook. After a reply from me about the curly hair issue, we received assurance from a friend of hers that they DO work on curly hair. I was sold. But the next time I was in Target, the were sold out.

Today, Husby and I made a quick trip to Target after lunch. Though they weren't originally on the list, they made their way into my stack of things to buy. As soon as we got home, I decided to give them a try. I was amazed at HOW WELL THEY WORK! Look at the results:

I'm so excited to have these. They make a messy-cute bun. I think they'll be a great option to the classic ponytail-on-a-bad-hair-day. They are so simple. It just a ponytail, twisted around into a bun with a spin pin in the top and bottom. Just "screw" them into the hair. Goody (the maker of Spin Pin), has the how-to's on their site. Along with other products that I just might have to try!

Even Husby liked the look. He said it's cute. Which means I'll wear my hair like this until he mentions that he loves my hair curly and half-up. Then I'll pull up the Goody website and do the half-up 'do with the Spin Pin.

I plan on wearing curly hair tomorrow, just to see if they really will work. I'll keep you posted.

P.S. I did try using the Spin Pin with a bun on the side of my head, but the layers in my hair are too short to sweep all the way to the opposite side of my head. I'll have to let them grow out just a bit and try it again.


Christine said...

OMG SO CUTE. I want one!

mjellis said...

I've been wondering about those! I think I shall buy them tomorrow, thank you so much for the review!

Claire Cozad said...

My first summer goal was to cook dinner a time or two while I'm out of school... but that hasn't happened. So, I've re-set my goals: I'm finding different ways to wear my hair, without spending a fortune on hair accessories from Nordstrom. I just may have to buy this handy-dandy item! The downer is that a trip to Target for 1 item, can't just be a 'trip to Target'

Kristina said...

Girls, you really should buy them. And if you order from Goody, you spend $15 for the package of all of their new goodies. I think I'm doing it!

Claire--don't set your goals too high. And I know that Jeremy would appreciate a $50 trip to Target instead of a trip to Nordstrom's in Dallas. :)

allison said...

OK, after reading this yesterday, I just "had" to get one for myself since I just "happened" to be going to Target today anyway (for toothpaste. And clearly, you can't get toothpaste anywhere but Target. ;) Even though your hair looks super cute in the pictures, I was a little nervous about whether or not I'd get similar results since my hair is a lot longer than yours (and rarely stays with bobby pins.) End result? It worked perfectly. I am SO excited, and pretty sure I will be wearing my hair this way every day for the rest of the summer. Ha!

Kristina said...

Allison--Target does have the best toothpaste. I did wonder if they'd work with long hair; glad to know they do! Spin Pin till Labor Day!

devon said...

Hmm...I might have to invest in these! Ill bring the spin pin to the country! ;)