12 July 2010

Weekend Update

For those of you who know me in real life, you know that me and WalMart do not get along. I've had some crazy experiences at the WalMart that equate to oh-my-gosh-I-can't-shop-there-ever-again. Just a peek into my WalMart experiences: almost being run over by a motorized cart DRIVEN BY A KID and witnessing ANOTHER KID open a container of French onion dip, get a little taste, and return it to the refrigerated shelf. Perhaps I should chalk that up to bad parenting, but my brain automatically files it under REASONS I CAN'T SHOP AT WALMART.

I do have one confession, though, albeit personal. I really like this one brand of underwear at WalMart. Sure, other places like have good underwear, but spending $6 per pair of skivies just doesn't settle well with me. Especially when these are just as comfy. Which means, on Saturday I made the biannual trek to WalMart. (Wait, does biannual mean every other year or twice a year? Because I meant twice a year. Those things always confuse me.) And my experience was POSITIVE. I even called one of my BFF's to let her know.

The lamenting over what in the world I'd wear on vacation is somewhat solved, thanks to WalMart. I know, crazy, right? Now, you should know that I am quite a frugal shopper. I super love me some clearance racks at any store, especially Target. I get very excited when someone compliments the $6 dress a found at Ross or the $3 shirt at JCPenney. I feel it necessary to clarify that I do not mind at all shopping at less-expensive stores; I'm a frugal gal. But considering my aversion to setting foot in WalMart more than twice a year, much less spending enough time to shop for clothes, I was shocked. I actually found two pair of cute-ish shorts. (Remember, I don't usually wear shorts--or pants--because of my love for dresses and skirts.) And the kicker was a really cute $9 dress. When I pulled it out of the bag to show Husby, he even thought it was cute. I know that it'll be worn at some point on our vacay; I'll make sure to point it out in the appropriate pictures. Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to visit WalMart a little more often!

Onto the next subject involving what in the world to wear on vacation: shoes. Although I plan to take my tennis shoes so that my husband doesn't file for divorce when we return citing bad choice of footwear for walking 12 miles per day while on vacation, I did find these canvas cuties at Target. (Sorry, I can't find a bigger picture.)

I did have a crisis-of-fashion-faith on Saturday. I must admit, I am not a big fan of Crocs. They're just not cute. They're a case of comfort winning over fashion. By a landslide. Imagine my surprise when I almost bought a pair. I tried them on, and y'all, those things are COMFORTABLE! I hesitated because I could hear the voices of fashion-reason in my head (who sound like a few select friends) who laughed at my inclination toward Crocs. I put them back on the Shoe Carnival shelf and walked out of the store, texting those small voices in my head. Evidently, they're okay with the wearing of a Croc while on vacation. Today, I'm heading back to the Carnival to buy these cute-ish Crocs.
And, yes, I feel like I've succumbed to putting fashion on the back burner for the sake of comfort. But JUST THIS ONCE. It will prevent Husby from filing for divorce when we return. I promise, there are no elastic waistbands in the future. Those will be reserved for the nursing home. Updated to add that pregnancy will also require some type of flexible waistband. Elastic, if you will.

On Sunday, we cheered on Espana in the World Cup. My sister-in-law is from Spain, so we really wanted Spain to win (after the U.S. was out, of course). And they did! Viva Espana! Because soccer is so much less physical than American football (except for kicking people in the chest and not getting a red card), I've decided that if we have boys, we're going to get really excited about soccer and never watch American football. That way, they'll want to play soccer and avoid getting concussions when they're 12.

I'm off to start a busy week at work. Hope you have a great Monday!

P.S. Husby did admit that he promotes comfort for me in hopes of the Wrangler jean shorts making a return. Confession is good for the soul. Unfortunately, it's not always good for fashion.

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Anonymous said...

(so, last time i tried to post this, i got an error - sorry if it comes through twice! :))

i'd be careful what kind of promises i make... those elastic waistbands will be your best friends when those future soccer-not-football-playing sons are in your belly!

love your blog, by the way!

~nikki :)