13 May 2010

I'm a Little Behind

In 2009, with wedding and all, I read 18 books. So far, in 2010, I've completed two books. And we're halfway through 2010. My completed book list includes: Three Cups of Tea--required reading for our entire school--and Meet the Austins.

(While reading Three Cups of Tea, I had to have something to offset the awful writing, and I thought Madeline L'engle could do just that, thus Meet the Austins. It's a VERY SIMPLE READ, so I sped through it.)

(I would like to clarify that I TOTALLY SUPPORT the mission of Greg Mortenson. I do not think he or his co-author are good writers. Period.)

(I really wanted to make that a bad sentence to invalidate my position on bad writing.)

(But I couldn't do it. I can't knowingly create bad sentences. But I know who can!)

(Wait, I think I just invalidated myself by starting TWO sentences with BUT!)

What is wrong with me?! Two books in 5 months! Currently, I'm working on City of Thieves. I'm also re-reading Anne of Green Gables (read when I was quite young) and Cold Tangerines (a book off of last years list). I love, love, love Cold Tangerines, which is why I've added it to my list of current reads. It's not that I don't like the others that I'm reading, but I feel like I need to complete a book that I really enjoy to continue on my way of reading several other books this year.

On my list of things to read THIS YEAR are: The Help, The Sign for Drowning, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, Same Kind of Different as Me, The Know it All, The Almost Moon, and Bittersweet.

But that doesn't quite add up to 18, and I'm determined to at least meet the number of books read last year. I would LOVE suggestions. What's been a good read lately? I'll read almost anything; I'm not a huge fan of "chick lit." (I'm not a huge fan of the word, for that matter.) And just so you know, I totally judge books by their cover. Rarely am I disappointed.


Christine said...

You are going to LOVE The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It was WONDERFUL!!

Di said...

I just finished Same kind of Different as me and I loved it... Another one I have liked is Say Your one of Them. I would totally suggest it if you haven't already read it.