24 May 2010

Vacation Planned? Check.

Because our wedding was in October--a very busy time at both our jobs--Husby and I didn't get to go on the Honeymoon we really wanted. Instead we travelled to San Francisco and Sonoma Valley where we had a fabulous time. I cannot wait to visit those two destinations again!

Our plan was to take our dream honeymoon this summer. And it's going to happen! We bought tickets recently, and--as a planner--I think about it all the time. I cannot wait.

We'll visit:

Budapest, Hungary

Vienna, Austria

Prague, Czech Republic

Husby and I are both very excited about all three destinations. I've visited Budapest on multiple occasions. During college, I spent summers in Romania; Budapest was the nearest and safest city with an airport. We'd fly into this magical city and spend a few days before taking a very old train into Targu-Mures, Romania. (Affectionately called "TM" by the summer missionaries.) I have lots of wonderful memories of the short breaks we'd have in Budapest, and I cannot wait to share them with Husby. We're rounding out our trip to Vienna and Prague--cities we've both wanted to visit.

Have you visited any of these? Any suggestions? (TM-ers, help me remember the name of our favorite restaurants in Budapest.)


Christine said...

{{{SWOON}}}} That is going to be one amazing vacation!

allison said...

Oh my goodness...how PERFECT. I am SO jealous that you will be visiting Prague (a city I've always wanted to visit in my ancestors' homeland ;). And, of course, I think it is absolutely FABULOUS that you will get to share Budapest with Jeremy. What a special trip that will be!! I wish I could help you out with the name of the restaurant we always took teams to the first night in Hungary (the one with the potato puff things), but all I can REALLY remember is the Thai food on Vaci. :) Yum. Can't WAIT to see the pics from this trip!!