18 May 2010

Loving Lucite

I've fallen for lucite. I must admit, it took me quite a while to warm up to it. I mean, who uses PLASTIC in their home?! But as my taste has become a tad more modern, I think I'll need to be careful not to overdo it!

This weekend, I attended a graduation party. The mom is an interior designer who is now my design idol. I plan on calling her soon to see if I can come take pictures of her house. (I'm serious.) I fell in LOVE with her lucite dining room table. The shape was so traditional, but the material made it a little funky. She paired it with "real" chairs. I just couldn't get enough. Did I mention that she used light blue gingham dining room curtains? Talk about cute! She also used a lucite end table in a sitting room that has a pinkish couch with green lattice throw pillows. I'm guessing it's "her" room as the only girl in a house of boys.

Here are a few super duper cute lucite items. (At least super duper cute to me!)

This trunk could be so cute in a living room. Perhaps as a coffee table with a couple of stacks of coffee table books? I want it.
Doesn't this room look inviting? I have to think the lucite chair helps. It doesn't break up the room like a normal chair might. This picture confirms my love of using light blue in a house. Did I mention my new decorating idol's dining room is painted light blue? Love.
Have I mentioned my love for light blue? What about that I'm looking for more modern chairs for our living room that what we currently have? Anyone know about my obsession for my sweet miniature dachshund? Did you know I love lucite? Could one picture be any more perfect? Can you see the side of the round lucite end table? Umm. Yes, please.I do love this coffee table. CB2 has their version of this table. I think it might be a must.And my final love for the day: this super great lucite tray. I feel that this is a possible DIY. A simple acrylic tray with some wrapping paper and a little shellac? I think it can be done. Unless I can find this for a GREAT price. It would look great on a non-lucite coffee table.

I'm off to drool over these pictures. And try to work at least one into our budget!

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