25 May 2010

It Makes Life Easier

By nature, I'm a list maker. And because of an OCD tendency, each list must be pretty much perfect: straight writing, no misspellings, consistency, consistency, consistency. I'm known to rewrite lists. It's a problem. I realize that. But I'm okay with it.

A couple of months after Husby and I were married, I found a pre-made grocery list. I might love The Container Store just a little too much, andI couldn't resist this one item by the register.

(I totally give into the marketing technique of putting things by the register. I'm not too proud to admit that. Athough most of my impulse buys haven't turned out nearly as useful. I mean, really, who under the age of 65 enjoys Reader's Digest ? I do. Because it's by the register. And the stories are just so great!)

Anyway...the fabulous little "All Out Of" list has a magnetic backing, so it stays on the refrigerator. It's so super easy to check the appropriate box when we're out of or low on an item. And if it's not on the list? There are extra blanks! I heart it. A lot. They easily tear off on my Saturday grocery shopping adventure.
A few weeks after the find of the century, I found another item that I L.O.V.E. As a planner, I need to know what we're eating for dinner all week. This "What to Eat" list is a dream! Since it also has a magnetic backing, it's right below our grocery list. As I write in the meals we'll have, I simply check off what I need to purchase at the store. It also has options for eating out and non-dinner meals.
This is my next list to buy. It's a packing list! Several days before a trip, I make an EXTENSIVE packing list, including the brand of the jeans or black shirt I plan to take. (See: OCD.) Inevitably, I forget my pajamas and my hairbrushes. I cannot count the number of times I've forgotten these things. You'd think I would learn a lesson, but I haven't. Now that I have another person to add to the packing list, this is a must. To have a stack of pre-made lists sounds like heaven!

I'm off to make a list for tonight. We're having people over for dinner. And I need a plan of attack!

(By the way, this is not an endorsement of these products by Knock Knock; no money coming my way! This post is my personal opinion. I'm just sharing my love for these items!)


Gina Taylor said...

I regret to inform you that I will no longer be able to read your blog! I want to be you! I want to eat what you eat. I want cool hair. So, after reading your blog, I go out and buy cool hair products. I want to be organized so, after reading your blog, I find myself on the container store.com ordering lists. Of course they are lists that will come in handy for Patti and I but, still... I meaan really? Can you really have that much impact on my life. However, I've never had much of a desire to travel internationally so, I guess that means I can still read your blog since we aren't exactly a like! Love you! More than Mexican food! Gina Taylor

allison said...

LOVE the new blog header & fonts!!!

Claire said...

I love lists!! I just got the 'packing list' notepad. Is it bad that I'm equally excited to use my list in packing as I am to go to Mexico?!?

michelle said...

it's so nice to know that there are other planners out there. i knew we were friends for a reason... lots of reasons...

p.s. this new year's eve will be the 11th anniversary of game nights. 11 years ago since i met you, paul, matt, bailey, and courtney. where has the time gone?