12 May 2010

Some Stuff I'd Like To Share

1. At lunch today, I realized that when I refer to a year, it's considered August through July instead of January through December. My brain never fully switched over the non-school way of thinking. Which could explain why I didn't enjoy the "corporate" world. (Not that I was ever really in the corporate world, but what else could I call the non-school world?) I love working in a school. And I also love planners that run August through July. There's continuity.

2. I'm on the downhill slope of--quite possibly--the busiest year (see above explanation) of my life. And I made it! And came out of the deal with a husband. Nice!

3. Our house is at a busy intersection. Since we live in an area of town where kids walk to school--most often without a parent--there's a crossing guard at that intersection. And...he worries me. A couple of months ago, another crossing guard showed up. The regular guard is a little older, so I assumed he might have gotten sick. You know, like older people do in the winter. Then he returned. With a walker. Recently, he's upgraded to a cane. (I guess physical therapy is going well.) So, he hobbles across the street with a cane in one hand and his stop sign in the other. I just know one morning, I'm going to have to save the crossing guard. I don't know if that's a good thing for the children to see.

4. Two weekends ago, my husband DID throw me a birthday party. We had so. much. fun. People came over; we grilled out; we played games; we laughed and laughed and laughed. I loved it. And I love being 30. It's not so bad.

5. I have a new favorite food: avocados with blackberries and lime. Holy moly. It's so good! It makes a super-quick lunch or maybe a dinner with a little wine. Yum! Cut up one avocado, mix in 1/4 pint blackberries and squeeze 1/2 lime, and stir. You have to try it. Have to.

6. Husby and I are relaxing tonight. The DVR is 82% full because of our lack of TV watching-time, which isn't a bad thing. I foresee a Top Chef Masters and Ugly Betty in store for us. Along with a few loads of laundry. Fun times tonight!

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Christine said...

oh my gosh. #5. yes please. NOW.