23 May 2010

Weekend Update: Things Learned

For the most part, we had a nice, fun and relaxing weekend. Husby and I both took off work on Friday. (I had to plan this ahead of time. One of us is fine taking a mental health day a couple of times a year. The other isn't so much okay with calling in at the last minute.) There were a few things to check off our list (when is there not?), but it was so nice not to have a super-squeezed agenda. Our only must do was arrive at The Ballpark at Arlington for a Rangers v. Cubs game at 7:05pm.

In order of things learned:

1. Passport pictures are now taken with a digital camera. This technology has progressed since my last passport. Hallelu! My passport was my last legal document (I think) to get a name change, but it also came on the heels of it expiring after ten years. Let me say, I hate my current/old passport picture. I was so glad to be able to update this picture. (Secretly, I always hoped to marry before ten years--just so the picture could change. Ha!) But I was somewhat concerned that my fate for the picture would be like Monica getting her driver's license in Friends. Remember when she kept getting ugly driver's license pictures? She paid to get several new pictures. And I wasn't above doing that. After all, when I got my driver's license done in the fall, I asked the lady to see the picture. She chuckled. I'm glad it was a good picture because I'm not sure she would have taken it again. But the lady at Kinko's brought out her digital camera. I was ready to ask to see it after she'd taken it, but before I could, she offered. We both saw my hair sticking out in one place, and she was more than happy to take it again! The second was acceptable. I decided they can't be great pictures because of the white background.

2. Baseball is dangerous, or don't sit above Row 24 at The Ballpark in Arlington, if you're behind home plate. This is a favorite place for foul balls to strike. A poor guy sitting three rows behind us was NAILED in the nose with a foul ball. I've never seen a nosebleed like this. Followed by a crooked nose. Followed by the guy leaving. Probably to go to the hospital for said broken nose. The next inning, a BASEBALL BAT flew into the crowd. Followed by more foul balls than I've ever seen in a game. This game required total attention. Socializing was a very risky behavior.

3. If you attend a baseball game where the opponent is from somewhere up north, don't say things like, "Who are the Black Hawks?" with a condescending tone. This behavior puts you at full advantage for any man (who cares about hockey) within hearing range to turn around and answer, "Umm...the hockey team!!" in a condescending tone.

4. If you eat at Ol' South Pancake House in Fort Worth (which I recommend) on a Saturday morning, the vacant parking lot to the south of the restaurant is off limits. For normal people, authorized parking in vacant lots means that Monday-Friday, don't park in the lot. But for the owner of this lot, he means DON'T PARK THERE EVER!!! Or else after you've enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with lots of coffee and wonderful pancakes, your car will have been towed. Conveniently, said owner is rumored to own the taxi company. Not only does he have your car towed, he gets a little more of your money by providing HIS taxi cab. Also rumored is that he owns the gas station across the street. Racket, perhaps?

5. If in the past you avoid grocery shopping at WalMart, but you've paid an astronomical amount to have your car released from the wrecker lot, then you suddenly feel that WalMart will offer the better deals for groceries. My list is made, and I'm off. Eating out is at the bottom of our "things to do" for the next month or so. Wish me luck!

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