01 September 2010

I Didn't Eat Just One

These are amazing and quite possibly my new favorite chip:

Now, I've never actually had Carolina BBQ. I'm not even sure if they're representative of the northern Carolina or the southern Carolina. So I'm not sure if they actually resemble the taste of said food. But I have had lots of BBQ in the great State of Texas. And since regular BBQ chips are pretty close in taste to their namesake, BBQ sauce, I'm guessing these Carolina BBQ chips are, as well.

But oh! These are totally different than regular BBQ chips! After posting about them yesterday and buying them the day before, I just couldn't stop thinking about them. There was a 50% chance of having them for dinner. (The options were this spaghetti or Reuben sandwiches; they'd be served along side the sandwiches.) Well, I decided yesterday afternoon that a  Reuben has a pretty deep flavors: rye bread, sauerkraut, 1000 Island dressing, and I just wasn't sure if they'd compliment the sandwich well. So, I decided that I'd taste them ahead of time. And my life will never be the same.

As I opened the bag, I immediately thought of salt and vinegar potato chips. (A favorite!) The smell was intense. I wasn't sure what to think of the first chip. I mulled over the first flavor: spicy brown mustard. Then I tasted vinegar and brown sugar, and then it got spicy! I'm thinking cayenne. Holy moly, they are good! I'm really glad that potato chip bags aren't known for being full. When Husby sees it, he won't know just how many I really ate. Ha!

I definitely recommend buying a bag. And if you're from a Carolina, or if you're a connoisseur of Carolina BBQ, let me know if they're true to the name "Tangy Carolina BBQ." And then let's plan a trip to have some, because I think I'd like it!

You probably guessed it, but the FritoLay people
and the people of the Carolinas have absolutely no idea who I am.
They make good chips and BBQ, though.


Jessica said...

silly girl. now i am going to have to try them.

michelle ellis said...

You are too funny! Now, I'm going to have to try them. I love salt and vinegar chips too!