19 September 2010

Spin Pin Review: Curly Hair

In June, my life was changed by the Spin Pin. You can read about that here. Here is THE Spin Pin:

I have naturally curly hair, so during the summer, I wear it curly almost everyday. (Otherwise, it curls on its own after I step into humidity or begin to sweat, which doesn't take long in 107 degrees.) So, I was curious to know if I'd have the same results with curly hair.

And I did!

Doesn't that look fab?! (Not me, my hair!)

Again, I have a gagillion layers, so I had to use a few extra bobby pins to tuck away the little stray pieces caused by the curly, shorter layers. But the 'do really stayed in place. FOR THE WHOLE DAY! It made me so happy!

I love the Spin Pin! They're definitely worth the $5 price tag.

Even after my fabulous Spin Pin review in June, the Goody peeps still don't know who I am. :)
I bought my own Spin Pins, did my own hair and took the pictures (in the mirror) all on my own.


allison said...

Love the curls. Your June post inspired me to get a spin pin of my own, and I love it...but my hair is too long and straight to look half as cute as yours does here!! :)

Christine said...

Ok that's it, I'm getting one! Perfect for keeping hair out of the way of infant hands that seem to think it's a rope :)