08 September 2010

The Thunder Rolls

Last night, I was in my pajamas by 5:30. Amen. Hallelujah.

We were gone to a wedding over Labor Day weekend. We had a fabulous time in Wisconsin with so many friends. The weather was perfect, if a little chilly. The wedding was beautiful and overlooked Lake Geneva with a reception at an apple orchard. We visited The Cheese Box three of the four days we were in Wisconsin, where we tasted chese after cheese. We were so enamoured by the dozens of types of cheeses offered that one of the employees asked if we have cheese where we're from. Ha! One of the owners even offered to let us stay in her pop-up camper the next time we visit.

It's amazing at how many weather-related goings on can happen in four days away! Example: Hurricane Earl doesn't come anywhere close to ravaging the East Coast, as predicted. Another example: Hurricane Hermine made landfall somewhere on the Texas-Mexico coastline, which is cause for lots of rain. I had no clue that Hermine was a threat to Texas.

So as the storm approached yesterday afternoon, the thunder pounded outside my office. I grabbed a few things to work on at home, and ran down the hill to my car. I didn't actually run, but I did want to get off the hill since you never know when "lightening lockdown" can happen, and you're stuck in the nearest building.

It was a fabulous evening in my pajamas. Husby and I feasted on breakfast tacos and watched Top Chef from last week. (I was so sad to see Tiffany leave.) After a 5:30am workout this morning for both of us, we're looking forward to a repeat of laziness tonight.

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michelle ellis said...

What a perfect evening! Tasting all those cheeses sounds like so much fun!