09 September 2010

Another List...

1. We're back to the numbered/bulleted list until further notice. (Which could be the next blog post, if I can write sentences in the form of a paragraph.)

2.  I learned something fascinating over the weekend, while in Wisconsin. Those from the southern states noticed how little salt is used in cooking. At one point, we hunted down salt shakers. THEN, our friend from Canada enlightened us to this fact: we use more salt in our cooking in the South because we sweat more, and our bodies NEED more salt. In the North, since they sweat less, they don't need as much salt, so that don't add as much to their cooking. How crazy is that?

3.  I love salty food. Now, I have an excuse.

4.  I am a HOT MESS when I workout. This morning, sweat was everywhere. So much so that our BodyVive instructor commented on it. Maybe she wasn't talking to me, but after the workout, a couple of girls still looked like nary a hair was out of place. We won't even talk about my hair. It was worse than bad.

5.  I almost cried this morning when I heard that the heat index will be 100 today. Where is Fall, and when will it get here?! I'm so upset at that meteorologist who said it would be "noticeably cooler by mid-September." FALSE.

6.  I'm actually thinking about becoming a meteorologist. You can get away with not doing your job correctly. That's a lot less pressure than a college advisor.

7.  I'm super-pumped about our anniversary weekend. Kathryn mentioned last week that she books hotels through Hotwire. Well, I did it, and we're staying at a Westin for $46 per night. FABULOUS! I love a good deal. Now, I get to find fun places to eat, since we're saving money. Oh, and I should probably get at least one new outfit with all the money I saved.

8.  Let's end with a prayer request. I have an amazing student, Katie (actually, she graduated last year), who is battling cancer for the third time. She's going to treatment every other week in Houston for 10 weeks. In December, she'll begin a new treatment that will keep her in isolation over her birthday, Christmas and New Years. Will you pray for healing for her body? Pray that the side effects of chemo will be minimal. Pray that the Lord will reveal himself to her as a Savior and comforter. Pray for her family; she has a younger sister with whom she is very close. Pray for joy and peace to overwhelm her.

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