17 September 2010

Friday Fives: I Want It!

I just discovered CSN Stores this summer. I've found tons of stuff that I'd love to have. And they have such good prices! Here are five things that I have my eye on. Maybe, just maybe, I'll win the gift card over at Just Me and My Life. Here's hoping!

I've had my eye on this rug, and finally decided that it's a must buy. I just love the colors in it!

Oh, and this French oven! I received a set of Le Cruset bowls as a wedding gift. I LOVE them! I do wish I had a fabulous French oven. This red one is my favorite color today. Tomorrow, that will most certainly change. It could be turquoise or yellow. Or even the purple French oven.

Okay. I AM NOT PREGNANT. But I am a planner. Just like I contacted a photographer before we were even engaged, I've also LOOKED at baby furniture. I just know what I want. And I super love this crib. It's not the typical, traditional cherry tone wood. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not me. I intend to spend a little cash on a crib, and then I really want to do everything else (dresser as a changing table, other baby things that I don't know about, etc) DIY. I'm not a matchy-match person, so I surely don't want a full set of furniture. Again, it's pretty; just not me.

I really wanted the Cuisinart Griddler when we registered for our showers, but we didn't receive it. That's okay. But I am thinking that since I STILL WANT IT, it'd be a good buy. Right? I totally agree. Since we don't have a grill outside, it's a grill to use inside. Then you can flip the plates and use it as a griddle.
Grill + griddle = Griddler. Those Cuisinart peeps are so clever!

Okay. I do love Christmas. I always said that I wanted Christmas dishes and not China. I'll take these, please. Spode-like, but not Spode prices. 

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