16 September 2010

Choose Your Pose

Guess what today was?

How many of you guessed Picture Day?

Because that's what it was.


I've semi-stressed about this all week. I've not been happy with my yearbook picture in the faculty section that past two years. The main reason is that they always photograph me on my bad side. I prefer for my left side to be facing the camera. It's the best angle for me. My hair is parted to lay on the left side of my face. It's just right for me.

But this year...this year was "choose your pose." How exciting! I decided on Monday that I would figure out how to get my left side facing the camera. And then came the outfit. Although I'll wear black any day of the week and twice on Sundays, it doesn't photograph well. I tried that last year. I pulled one outfit out just to see if it would work. But it was a blue shirt. Which wouldn't contrast well with a blue background. Back to the drawing board. I finally had two outfits in mind, only to figure out yesterday that both outfits are in the dry cleaning bag that I keep forgetting to take to the dry cleaners. Dang it.

This morning, I was able to find just the outfit for picture day. Then I had to contemplate whether I should wear my hair curly or straight. Sometimes curly hair in a tiny yearbook photo looks a little big. Not that I'm opposed to big hair. I have teasing mechanisms and products galore for that. I'm just afraid of looking like my head is really big in comparison to everyone else. But then again, my hair kinks at 3% humidity, so straightening it is often a big ole waste of time. Oh, and my hairstylist used an Instyler--curling brush-straightener duo--on my hair this week when I got a little trim. IT WAS AWESOME. I really wanted to get one, but couldn't justify spending $100 on it just so I'd have it for pictures.

Anyway...I opted for curly hair. And it fell just a bit so a super big-headed picture wouldn't happen! My make-up looked nice, even though it was done in the car, since I was running late. (See: choosing an outfit for pictures, above.) And my outfit was just great.

I was timing it just right so that I wouldn't have to cut in line in front of the children. Actually, that's not true. I wanted no children there so that they'd show me my picture on their fancy-schmancy digital cameras and let me retake it, if desired.

But then?

I received an email just after lunch thanking all for a great picture day.



I even had my pose ready to go.

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Kathryn said...

I couldn't help but laugh.