31 August 2010

Some Stuff I'd Like to Share

1. I don't foresee any posts in the near future that will not be in bullet-point or numbered format. That happens when my life is busy. Writing cohesive sentences is the first thing to go. Also, a consistent handwriting. I just wrote a list for one of my students. It started with a cute print and ended with a crazy cursive. If you analyze handwriting, I don't think I want to know what this means. Unless it's good; then you can share.

2.  I'd really like for the retail world to know this truth: if I try on a garment that's too short for work, I cannot simply wear tights underneath. It's still too short. My knees will not suddenly become higher with black tights underneath, thereby making it legal. Don't even suggest it. If it were an option, trust me, I'd offer it as the solution. After all, I do love tights with dresses and skirts. It's pretty much my winter uniform.

3.  One more truth for the retail world: I do not have "weekend" clothes. Sure, I did at one point--before I had a job that requires me to look nice five days a week. On the weekends, I like to stay in my pajamas for as long as possible. Sometimes, I want to change out of one set into another and head back to bed. If I do change clothes for things like running errands, I'm fine wearing a sports skirt (in the summer) and fleece pants (in the winter). I can still look cute. I am not more productive if I change into jeans. I promise. And if I really need to dress up, I can wear the things that I wear all week. Sure, there are those times when we have to attend a wedding, or something of the like, but I already have outfits for those things. All that to say: change your sales tactic with me.

4.  I can barely walk today. I attended Body Pump, a low-weight high-rep workout, on Monday, and Body Vive, a cardio workout with balls and bands and such, this morning. I've never done so many squats. My quads hurt so bad that I have to let gravity do its job when I go to the ladies' room. Eventually, I sit down, but not without much resistance.

5.  The above puts me in a bit of a quandary. I'm supposed to drink LOTS OF WATER to help with the soreness. Only if I drink that much water, I have to use the bathroom. And then I'm reminded of how sore I really am.

6.  I actually like being moderately sore from workouts. I can feel the results of my work.

7.  For dinner tonight, I'm making either Reuben sandwiches or this spaghetti with fresh tomatoes.

8.  If we do have Reuben's, we purchased chips last night for the side dish. (Difficult, right?) I'm super excited to try these:

9.  Chips are quite possibly my favorite snack food. Although, Dr. Pepper and Little Debbie Fudge Rounds are way up on that list! I rarely indulge, but after doing 23587 squats in the past two days, and more tomorrow, I feel okay with a serving of Tangy Carolina BBQ Lays.

10.  My OCD prevents me from stopping a list at 9. This calms the anxiousness.

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