29 August 2010

Did You Notice?

  • I updated my blog! I added a page just for recipes. Just look at the tab above. I hope to add an edible raw cookie dough recipe soon. If it goes well!
  • My weekend has been full of laundry, craft projects (for others) and friends. One of these things has not been enjoyable. Which would you guess?
  • I think this font on the new layout is too small. Do you agree?
  • 95 degree weather is still too hot. I'd like a few days of 90 degree weather.
  • My BFF of the Midwest is getting married next weekend. I'm hopeful for weather in the 80s.
  • On the weekend of the wedding, I get to see several of the peeps who I'm spent an entire summer serving with in Romania. I'm super excited about that.
  • I'm still really full from lunch. It could be the brownie and cappuccino I had two hours after a lunch at Outback. (Not my favorite, but we don't turn down gift cards.)
  • I start individual conferences with my students this week. It's the first step in college applications. I'm a little excited and a little nervous.
  • My former roommate invited me to a 5:30am Body Pump class in the morning. For some reason, I agreed. Who am I?!
  • On that note, I need to finish my weekend chores. I'll need to be in bed by 7pm to get up that early. 
  • Just kidding, it'll be more like 7:45pm.
  • I hope you've had restful Sunday. Here's to starting a new week!


Pleasant Living said...

Love the new layout! Very cute! 5:30AM BodyPump?!?!? You are NUTS!

Christine said...

Very cute, love it!

-M said...

It's supposed to be in the high 70's on Sunday! :-)