20 August 2010

Friday Fives: My Dream House

My dream house isn't huge or fancy. I loathe cleaning house, so I don't want more to clean! I want the house we buy to be livable; I want it to feel cozy and inviting, like you can kick off your shoes, grab a blanket, and take a nap on the couch. A few things that I would love to have?

1. A cute, functional kitchen.
I love, love, love green with black and white. The black counter tops are a nice contrast to the white cabinets. I love that some of the cabinets have glass fronts. I have lots of serving ware and love to show it off. It looks like the backs of those cabinets are a couple of shades darker than the walls. Love that! And those wood floors are gorgeous.

2. Cute kids rooms.
Although the offspring are not on their way, I have big plans to have cute rooms for those little ones! But I don't want to spend a fortune on making them cute. I may or may not have already bought some items to go in kids rooms. I love rooms for kids that aren't too childish. Fun colors and patterns make for a great kids room. I love the idea of matching twin beds or bunk beds.

3. On the lake.
Although I'd rather eat my own toenails than swim in a lake where the bottom can't be seen, I'd love to live on the lake. It's so calming and peaceful. And we'd have a swimming pool for swimming. We're just pretending, anyway.

4. A craft room.
I'd love to have enough space that Husby and I each get our own room for down time. I'm guessing he'd want some type of a man-cave with a big TV (which I'd totally use!). I'd love a craft room that could house all sorts of supplies. Best of all, I wouldn't have to clear it off of the dining room table when I'm done for the day.

5. A screened porch.
My grandparents had a porch, and I loved it. It wasn't all screened, but I guess that makes it more use able in the winter. I'd take it either way. But I'd love it with a few chairs and a daybed.

What about you? Anything that's a must have in your dream house? Do you need your very own library? Do you dream of a home theatre? Head on over to Just Me and My Life to play along!


Beth McC. said...

I will be moving into your dream home!! DYING over your screened in porch, LOVE IT!!

Thanks for doing the Fives!

Alex said...

oh my gosh
your dream house is perfection!

love everything about it
especially the craft room!

Syndal said...

stopping by from Just Me and My Life! LOVE your idea of living on the lake! beautiful choices!

Jessica @ Life's Good Be Happy said...

I love that screened porch!

Laura said...

Im stopping by from the Friday Fives link. I love your dream house, especially the craft room! Id love to have a room like that. Have a good weekend!

Valene Marie said...

I definitely love the photos! The kitchen is awesome and to live on a lake would be so beautiful :)

Hannah said...

LOVE the screen porch :)
And the craft rooms...beautiful!

Armandina Skerl said...

You have a point. A small space means little cleaning to do! Haha! I also don’t like to clean but I love my space so I’d just exert effort in maintaining my dream home clean and as organized as possible! I hope you’d be able to buy or build your dream house soon!

Carmen Monrovia said...

Your dream house is full of lively colors! I must agree that each room has its own sense of “cuteness”. The way you decorate your dream house shows the kind of personality that you have. Overall, I find your dream home very interesting!

Sara Owens said...

Are you close to achieving your dream home, Kristina? I really hope so! I’m looking forward to see your own pictures of your dream home. I can just imagine how beautiful it would look like! Good luck, girl!