01 August 2010

We're There!

Whew! We made it home after a two week vacay in Europe. (You didn't even know we were away, did you? Those pre-written blog posts with pre-scheduled posting worked!) We had an AMAZING time, and have lots of pictures from Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. But I'm suffering from jet lag and really don't want to deal with the whole plugging the camera into the computer to download pictures. This week, though, it'll happen.

We arrived home on Friday evening and after greeting all of the parents who are so happy we've returned, we had a much needed meal of Mexican food. Two weeks without chips and hot sauce is almost considered blasphemy in Texas. We went to bed with full tummies and windows blacked out by plaid flannel sheets and beach towels, expecting to sleep until noon. We were up and ready to roll at 8:30.

Husby's dad took a hard fall off of a 20-foot ladder two days before we left for vacation. (He owns a window-cleaning business.) He's finished up all of his surgeries, including a new hip and an elbow with lots of screws and plates. Now, he's working to learn to build strength again and reuse all of those parts. Not easy for someone so active to be tied to a wheelchair and bed. We've spent a lot of time with him since our return.

Now, back to real life. Work starts back tomorrow. Honestly, I like routine, so I'm not dreading it that much. It's a good thing I really like my job!

I'll leave you with a funny story from our trip. While visiting a synagogue in Budapest, a guy asks me to take his picture. We had to be sneaky, since the tour guide said that taking pictures distracted her. I had to try three different times because he wasn't happy with the way he looked in the previous pictures. (I'm SO guilty of doing that!) As we walked out of the sanctuary (do synagogue's have sanctuaries?), he asked where I was from. I told him that we were on vacation from Texas. His response? Oh, you speak so well. Ha!

I hope you girls (and guys?) have a great week!

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michelle said...

Ha! Love the comment from your fellow traveller in Budapest! Too funny! Do you remember being at the metro station in Budapest, trying to find a common language with someone needing directions? I think we were in Budapest, with a Canadian speaking French to a woman from Spain. I love travel adventures!