12 August 2010

Life As I Know It

DISCLAIMER: Very random and somewhat boring post ahead.

What is it about August that makes it difficult to write? I feel like I have bloggers-block deluxe. I've tried several times this week to come up with some sort of post, but it just hasn't happened.

Maybe it's the heat. There are only so many days with a heat index over 100 that I can handle! One evening this week, Husby and I went on a walk after dinner. You know, so it can cool down to 98 for an 8pm stroll. During our walk, I declared that there is a little over one month of HOT weather left. Last year, I set my expectations too high and sorely disappointed when the thermometer was still about to burst on September 1. So, the date that I have in my head for a reprieve from the heat-that-makes-me-sweat-in-the-morning-before-I'm-out-the-door is September 15. I think it's a good date. I know that the temperature will likely be in the 90s, but I can handle that.

More than likely, my lack of ability to string together several sentences is because of life. It's super busy. As a college advisor, I'm not off all summer; our office is busy preparing for the upcoming year. I do have three weeks (out of 9) that I'm off, and the hours during the summer are 9-3, so really, it's not a bad deal. This week, though, we went back to regular hours, 7:30-4. And because so much can be done after hours when the phones aren't answered, I often stay later. Needless to say, I've been so ready for bed in the evenings! Which means my promises to friends and family that I'll post vacay pictures this week isn't going to happen until the weekend.

Speaking of which, I'd planned to post in chronological order, but I think I'm going to start with our favorite day: a bike tour through the Austrian wine country. Oh, it was heaven! Okay, minus the fact that we starting sipping wine at 10:30am that resulted in a sick headache, but still had to bike and take an optional 1000 ft climb, it was heaven! WE LOVED IT. I wanted to go back the next day! So get ready, we're going to look at vacay pictures several times in the next couple of weeks. (I'm pretty sure it's one step better than family videos, but could be wrong.)

And I want to leave you with a video that makes me happy. (Random, I know.) I posted it a few months ago, but because it was at the end of a post about my love for The Sound of Music, and I don't know how many people actually began the post, much less finished it, I'm using it again. It'll make you happy, too.

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