26 August 2010

My Day in a Nutshell (or bullet points)...

  • Today was SO NICE OUTSIDE. I don't know how many previous days have been over 100 degrees in this great State of Texas; I'm not sad to see them end. Although I proclaim myself to be a warm weather person, I don't think that's totally accurate. I'm okay with a high of 92 degrees. Anything over that makes my skin feel like it's melting off.
  • By noon today, I had diagnosed myself with Bell's Palsy. My eye was twitching SO BADLY. Each little twitch forced my eyelid down about half-way. I suffered through the diagnosis without telling anyone. Then one of the teachers walked into my office. I was holding my eye and explained the fierce twitching and that I thought it was Bell's Palsy. She laughed at me and suggested that I could be tired and stressed. Evidently that combo causes eye twitches. I was relieved.
  • My hair has this permanent flip out thing. I've noticed it before, but was reminded today. After spending 15 minutes blow-drying it, it flips out on the left side, but stays curled nicely under on the right side. For someone that requires symmetry, this just doesn't work. I can't figure out how to keep the left from flipping out, so I usually just do the flip out on the right side.
  • I visited Target this afternoon. It was a glorious trip, and I really practiced self-control (although now I'm regretting that). Ever since an episode of Chuck showed a HUGE TUB OF CHEESE BALLS, I've wanted one of my very own. As a sucker for marketing, Target and cheese balls, it's a miracle these didn't come home with me today. 

  •  Okay, I watched this video three times in a row and couldn't stop laughing.

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